Mario Kart

After almost 2 months of searching, we finally found and bought Mario Kart for Brian for Father's Day. He and Camden spent quite a bit of time yesterday afternoon playing. Then I had this conversation with Camden this morning.

Camden: Mommy, when I'm a Daddy, I'm going to get Mario Kart for Father's Day.
Me: I bet there will be something even cooler by then.
Camden: Yeah, like Pokemon!

Rory is currently throwing a fit because I won't let her take a bath with Camden. He begged to take it by himself this morning (I think he's tired of Rory stealing his bath toys!). This is her second little fit of the day - and this is really the first day that she's thrown fits. She's especially irritated that I won't let her take her diaper off. I can't imagine why not.

Rory's newest trick is if she falls or hurts herself in any way (or if Camden does), she runs to me and jabbers in this soft, fake voice showing me where she hurt herself and waiting for me to kiss it. She won't let Brian kiss it, only me (can't say I don't love that!).

Not much on the agenda today. After several days earlier this week of upper 90's and lots of humidity, today's temperature is only supposed to be 89, so hopefully Camden will get in some good outdoor time.

Every Which Way by Julie Billingsley/Lauren Grier

Big Fish Little Fish by Lauren Grier/Mikkel Paige


M :-) said…
We just found Mario Kart too! We got ours on Tuesday, but haven't had time to play it. I can't wait to try it! :)

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