Wordless Wednesday

I had something else in mind for today, but when these pictures arrived in my inbox first thing this morning, I knew that these would be today's blog post.

Angela Crutcher has taken our pictures 4 times now. The first was our Celebrating Adoption photos, and they are hands down my favorite pictures of the kiddos ever. The second time was a commercial photo shoot with Rory wearing clothes made from sweet fabrics from this designer. The third time was a family shoot Angela gifted us with after my cancer diagnosis. This shoot was actually paid for by us and was exactly one year since last year's family shoot. She is a wonderful photographer and is also well on her way to becoming a fellow adoptive mama.

A few of my favorites:




My favorite of Camden

Although this one is pretty darn spectacular too.

Rory and her kissy face. This is a recreation of one Angela took of her when she was 2.

Did I do a good job picking out this outfit or what!




This one is also a recreation of the first photoshoot. ;)

Thank you, Angela!


Joy said…
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures Melissa...you look awesome, I especially love your hair! :) And Rory's outfit is too cute...the dress with the shoes, precious! :)
love all of them! amazing photos for an amazing family!
love the shoes on both you and Rory!
Renee T. said…
Oh Melissa- those new pictures are awesome! I love, love, love that dress Rory has on!
Vicky said…
Oh my heart- lOVE, love, love them! Could not gush enough about them... I need to go shopping with you- you look fabulous and I can't believe your hair!

And the one with Rory and in her cute dress and her hands on her hips by the red door- just beyond adorable. Sigh... so much love...
Amanda said…
Those are all simply amazing!! Such a beautiful family!!
Amy said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! How will choose what to order? Just order them all! :)
sandy atwood said…
Great pictures!!!!
These. Are. Fabulous!!! Oh my goodness!!! Amazing shots of an amazing family!

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