Photo Catch-up #1

I am fairly certain that the hamburger and french fries (despite the fact that they were DELICIOUS and I only ate half) were what prompted my gall bladder attack. This was Tuesday - had what we thought was our last girl's lunch for a while.

We walked to Frothy Monkey (carrying Addison in her car seat!) and saw Dierks Bentley getting coffee. My own iced white mocha hazenut mocha was delicious! It's been on my list of places to visit for years so when I passed it on the way to Burger Up, I knew I wanted to cross it off the list. Yes, that would be Rory's head at the bottom of the picture. She was playing in the weeds.

Addison waking up from a nap on my hospital bed Friday.

All the nurses commented on my purple toes so I thought they needed a spot on the blog.

Seriously, seriously miserable (and bloated from the fluids) after my second surgery on Saturday.

Happy Mother's Day!

We decorated my room with all my Mother's Day gear.



I told you my flowers were pretty!


Finally something to drink on Monday!

Hydrangeas from Brian.

Another visit from the kids on Wednesday.

Finally home on Thursday.

I can remember reading like this as a kid.

More tomorrow. Or later today.


Ahhhh... days are so much better that have photos from you involved! I loved these... and I LOVE your piggie color!

(I also used to read like Camden. I miss being little)
Vicky said…
It probably goes without saying- but that could so be me in half those photos- I relate way more than I want. (my toes are blue and were a hit in the ER last week) I had my gallbladder out when I was 29 and my surgeon told me its usually a meal with some/high fat in it that triggers an attack :)

I am a huge fan of your photos- you even make me think I want a Sprite now too :)
subgirl said…
How in the world can you look that beautiful after your 2nd surgery and feeling so miserable?? I would have forbidden anyone to photograph me after surgery! I do hope you are feeling much better by now and getting stronger each day. The LORD has a good plan for you. Keep trusting!

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