Happy Mother's Day

Well, I'm not going to say that I'm actually enjoying Mother's Day myself, but at least I'm typing my own blog post which was impossible yesterday. :) My mom and the kids are coming for a visit this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to seeing the kids especially. As happened last year, this whole surgery and long time away from home wasn't planned and I know it caught both kids off guard. Hopefully, they'll feel a little relieved after our visit. Rory was very concerned that I would still have that tube down my nose, but excited that I'd have a new dress (hospital gown).

My procedure went well yesterday. They got rid of 3 stones in my common bile duct as well as some sludge. Sounds fun, right? They had to put me completely under because apparently the best way to do this procedure is to have the patient climb up on the table, lay on their stomach, let them drift off peacefully to sleep, then put the scope down your mouth, into the stomach, then make an incision to take care of the stones. Since I have a very long incision on my stomach plus drains from surgery Friday, there was obviously no way I could possibly climb up onto a stretcher and then lay on my stomach with just sedation. I don't care what they had to do as long as it resulted in getting that NGO tube out for good.

We have had fabulous nurses and techs. After having a really horrible Friday and Saturday, I slept all night long yesterday and while I've still got another 4-5 days in the hospital, hopefully I will be moving past the worst. I must have blocked out the memory of last year's surgery from my mind because OUCH.

Two things to share. First of all, my CA125 level was 13.9 which is the lowest it's been. Dr. W said he was very pleased and that he found nothing to worry about during surgery. Second, I finally met Dr. W's partner whose name is Dr. Num Num. It should more appropriately be Dr. Yum Yum. ;)

Happy Mother's Day!


Amy said…
So glad to read a post from you! :) Glad the surgeries are over and that you can start to recover. We are continuing to pray for you and put you on the prayer list in our SS class this morning. Dr. Yum Yum cracks me up...can't you share a picture? :)
anneberit said…
So glad to hear the surgeries is over! I have and will keep praying for you and your family. Hope for a speedy recovery!

Hugs from Norway (anneberit)
Vicky said…
Okay- humor intact- you're feeling a bit better at least. Big hurrah for no NPO tube, 13.9 tumor marker (WOW!) and a full night of sleep :) Yes, praying the WORST is behind you and you enjoy time with your precious kiddos today :) Happy Mother's Day- may your meds be good and could you send some Dr. Yum my way?
Vicky said…
Ha- NGO tube :)
NorasMommy said…
Happy Mother's Day! Glad that surgery went well and that you're at a record low CA125. Hope you're feeling better and out of the hospital soon!

Is this Dr Yum Yum? http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-thomas-numnum-2h432
Ooooooh, Dr. Yum Yum!!! And that is so great about your low CA125. So does this mean you are in remission?? I keep wondering.
Sara said…
Love seeing a post from you! And even more than that I love feeling the spirit of your good humor in this post! So happy to hear the positives shining through too -- the lowest evah CA125, the Dr. Yum Yum, the fabulous staff, and a good night's sleep. So hope more good news follows! <3

I've been disconnected the past few days... what a shock to read this! I just went and read the other posts. What a crazy little ride you have had. I'm so sorry for your hospital visit and surgeries, but I love reading all the optimism in this post. I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers!
Mayme said…
Been thinking about you! Glad to hear things are going well. Listen, I have put lots of NG tubes down patients and it has never hurt me....I just don't get it:) Love you. Let me know if I can do anything for you guys.
Amanda said…
So glad to see that everything went ok. Let us know if you need any help getting Camden or anything.
Grace said…
phew...praying for a speedy recovery! am constantly in awe of your spirit and attitude...you amaze me!
and...dr. yum yum...hahahaha!

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