Tuesday's Tidbits

Clearly, I did not do a photo post yesterday, but I have a good excuse since Brian had to pack up my desktop where all my pictures live.

We're moving, if you haven't heard. ;) In the midst of packing, we discovered bridesmaid dresses from both of my sister's wedding. I have to say they fit (and look) better now than they did when I wore them for the occasion. Losing a few pounds is still one small thing I can thank cancer for. Not that I have plans to wear them again unless we magically win a cruise and I need to dress up for dinner. But it was kind of fun to try them on anyway. Rory, especially, thought it was fun. And thank goodness for good taste because style-wise I probably could still wear them even though it's been, well, a long time.

When Brian met our new landlord to look at the house, Camden was with him and under strict orders to not say a word. Brian said they took one step in the house and Camden blurted out, "I want to move in here. RIGHT NOW!"

Rory follows me around the house pointing her finger at me saying, "Take it easy on yourself, mama. Take it easy on yourself."

Wish us luck today. Not only are we moving, but I have an appointment with Dr. W and hope to get a little more information regarding what treatment plan he thinks I need.


Monica said…
I love Camden's personality! Praying for you as you head to the doctor today.
Joy said…
Camden and I must think alike. After trying to play it "cool" with the realtor when we were looking at houses, I walked into one and said "I'm home!". We put in an offer two days later and move in next month. ; ). When you know, you know I guess!

Thinking of you and hoping everything goes well today - moving and doctors.

Anyone happen to snap pictures of the bridesmaid dress-up?? : )
Becky said…
yes, I would love some pics of bridesmaid dresses :) and your welcome for having classic taste.

Love you and praying for you today.
Vicky said…
Okay- thinking of you today! How fun to try on the bridesmaids dresses. I have a classic black one I still hang onto as well that still hangs in the closet and could be worn again.
I love that your tried those dresses on and that they looked fabulous on you!

Thinking of you today and praying!
Amanda said…
Praying you all get moved in and settled quickly and glad to hear that it was approved by Camden. Praying all goes well at the doctor today and you get some clarity!!
Thinking of you and your sweet family today. And listen to Rory!!!!
Joan B said…
I am so very sorry for all that you and your family are going through. It just isn't fair. Rory sounds so wise.
And now I simply cannot wait to see photos of the new place!

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