Tuesday's Tidbits

So Dr. Terry advised me to cut out bread, potatoes, and pasta as a way to lose a few pounds. Do donuts count? Because despite never really having been a strong donut fan before, I have developed a very strong taste for Dunkin Donuts. The powdered sugar ones filled with some sort of chocolate cream/icing. I'm sure they're very healthy.

Last week was a very good reality TV week. Not only did Donald Driver win DWTS, but Phillip Phillips won AI. And then Duets started, which stars my favorite AI of all time: Kelly Clarkson.

Had this black bean, corn, and avocado salad for supper last week, and it was so good. It's my goal to have salad for supper 2-3 times a week this summer.

I also made this banana bread recipe which uses applesauce instead of oil and honey instead of sugar. I have to say that while Brian liked it, the texture just did not do it for me. Won't be making that again. Which is probably good since I'm not supposed to have bread. Sigh.

Camden, who is terrified of spiders and just might not be quite as tough as his daddy would like, bribed Rory not only into entering the woods to get his ball, but also to get his bike out of the shed so that he didn't have to worry about bugs or getting dirty.

And speaking of Rory, who will do just about anything, the girl nearly fell to her death off the look-out we have back behind our house. I wish I were kidding.

We pulled out the blow-up pool yesterday and the kids played happily for hours. And what's great is that we have a view from the window plus they're old enough to be in the little pool by themselves. That means I don't have to sit out there and sweat.










Several shades darker after one afternoon.

Brian has been having some major back problems and is off to his first chiropractic visit this morning. A trip to town is practically an all-day event now that we live about as far away from civilization as you can get. The kids and I are going to spend a very relaxed morning. I'm letting them watch the old Adventures of Tin Tin on Netflix while I scrap. It's a rainy morning, and we're all still in our p.j.'s. Sounds like a good summer morning, right?


Adorable pictures of your kids, of course. I hope Brian feels better soon.
Vicky said…
Yep- sounds fantastic! I love that your kiddos can play together as well as they do. My own fight- constantly- "peace" is elusive at best around here when both are around. Curbing the carbs is hard- but once you do detox from it, your cravings will change too.

Okay- they pray for me too? I was smitten with them before- but now I may have fallen in love with them...sigh.
Our entire family is about to embark on a grain-free, sugar-free diet. Basically no carbs including potatoes, corn, rice, even quinoa! I have begun baking with coconut and/or almond flour and have had some good results! Tonight I made pumpkin pancakes, and they were completely devoured.
Some blogs you might want to check out if you plan on really going for it include: Against All Grain, Comfy Belly, and Comfy Tummy.
Good luck on the no carbs endeavor! I'd love to hear how it goes! And yay for a pool with a view! (I can't believe Rory almost plunged off the look out - YIKES!)

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