Operation 2nd grade: Complete

It's always hard to imagine how different the kids are going to look from beginning to end of the school year. Camden always seems to mature and grow SO much! (see how much browner he is in August than May?)

August 8, 2011

When I went out to snap these Tuesday morning, I kept saying, "Aren't you happy? It's the last day of school?" because he clearly wasn't feeling it. And then it dawned on me, OF COURSE, he's not happy - it's the last day of school! This boy loves school.

May 22, 2012


Isaac was also sad about school ending :(
What are we gonna do with these boys?
I'm pretty sure I will not have the "I'm so sad school is over" kid... so I am relishing the fact that you do! I love the side by side comparisons here!

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