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First of all, we're moved. I had forgotten how incredibly hard moving is, and I've barely helped this move. We had SO much help yesterday that it was just amazing. Others provided lunch for all the helpers, someone else brought pizza by for supper, a friend kept Rory all day then picked Camden up from school and delivered him, another friend came by and took Rory to soccer practice (because she most definitely would have skipped if it had been up to us); other friends delivered groceries and one friend brought by a bag full of new magazines because she knew I'd be home alone and convalescing (LOL) last night.

My appointment with Dr. W went very well. He and his small office staff have been a part of my life for over a year now so it's always like catching up with friends. I was doing really well until one of the nurses cried when she heard my news. I lost it then as well, of course. 

Dr. W told me that I do not have any growing cancer or new cancer; all the spots they saw (including the marble-size nodule they took off my liver) were all spots they'd been keeping track of on my CT scans. They haven't grown, moved, etc. since my scan in September 2011. He said that we'll no longer be able to rely as much on the CA125 to gauge cancer growth because clearly these partially calcified pieces of cancer are not secreting the CA125.

The two drugs he wants me to take have minimal side effects, which is always good. Of course, I always cringe a little at the minimal side effects because while it's good for my quality of life while living with chemo, I always remember that he told us early on that these drugs only have a 25% success rate.

Anyway, I left feeling pretty encouraged. Our future plans are a little uncertain right now, but at this moment we are settling into the new house, trying to heal from surgery and start to enjoy our summer. I won't need to start chemo for another 3-4 weeks at the very earliest.

I'm not even going to promise my photo post tomorrow because clearly, I haven't followed through yet. Maybe if I don't promise it, I'll actually get it done.


Renee T. said…
So happy that move-in day was a success! :) Renee
Randi Oh said…
Welcome home and praying for you. Always
Anonymous said…
Thanks for talking to us!!
Always glad to get an update. And love, always.
Gma E

I feel pretty encouraged for you too. While you never want to hear the big C word, at least it's not new or growing, right?!
Krista said…
So glad you got into the new place! Rest, relax, pin yummy recipes...
I'm sorry to hear you have to do Chemo again, but like C said, it's a good thing that there isn't any new cancer right?

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