A Young 36, Cookies, and Photoshoots

How did I possibly forget to tell you the most important thing that happened to me last Monday at the hospital? Two different medical personnel double checked my chart to make sure they were in the right spot because they didn't believe I was 36. Seriously, I'm surprised I didn't post this right then and there.

Moving right along to these yummy cookies. Last week I made whoopie pies since I've decided my part of packing up should be cleaning out the pantry. This week was oreo mascarpone cookies. You don't even want to know how much cookie dough I consumed yesterday. Let's just say jumping back on the WW bandwagon has not been easy. What can I say - I stress eat. Jumping back on the treadmill after I get off the computer because I may or may not have taken a solid 3 week break from any sort of exercise.


And, finally, we had our pics taken with the lovely Angela Crutcher last night. This is the fourth time she's taken our pictures, and I think this one might be the best. And, in a crazy twist of fate, it was exactly one year ago yesterday that she took our pictures as a gift right before I started chemo. I kept thinking throughout the day as we got ready for the shoot how different my perspective is this year from last and how important these pictures are to me for very different reasons.


By the way, Rory asked if we could "Please, please take cookies to Ms. Angela because she's doing something so nice for us. And now you don't have to ever take our pictures, mama." Right, girl. You only got out of pictures from this mama for one day, not forever.


You totally don't look 36!!

Oh Rory... I love that you think the photo session buys you a free pass forever!

And now I need to go find something cookie like to eat.
Joy said…
Can't wait to see your photo session with Angela! We have GOT to have family photos made soon. Our last professional photos are from our wedding!

Have fun cleaning out the pantry. At least you have ingredients for fun things like pies and cookies. I have 5 packets of chili powder. : )
Vicky said…
Ha! I wish :) I got called Grammy by my Goddaughter- as much as l long to hear those words- someday- maybe not now at the age of 44 :) We do get to see the pics right? Rory's outfit is simply adorable!

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