Photo Catch Up #2

Just a peek into the yard sale. I cannot even tell you how much stuff there was. Lots of good stuff and lots of junk. We should never be allowed to live in a house with a full basement underneath. Way too easy to just put it down there and forget about it until it's time to move.

Addison was perfectly happy to lay around in the pack-n-play we had for sale.

Elizabeth, mom and Addison

Poor mom is always caught with the most awkward expressions on her face.

No awkward expressions here, just smiles for Grandpa.


A friend brought this by Saturday, and it was gone in 2 days. Oh. My. Stars.

A red-faced, tired, but very happy Rory after her last day of school.

And approximately 15 minutes later. (it was completely dark in her room, hence the bad picture, but I just couldn't resist taking it anyway)

It's a joke around our house at how Camden does not know how to run. He runs bases with his arms pumping as hard as he can and legs going nowhere. But somehow on Field Day he managed to win first place in the 100 Yard Dash plus several other 1st and 2nd place finishes.


And you're all caught up.

Okay, actually you're not, but it's all I've got for now. ;)


Elizabeth said…
I love that you post those pictures of mom, too. :)
Renee T. said…
my goodness- baby Addison is beautiful!
So many great kid shots here! And hello, that photo of Addison in the pack and play is AWESOME!
KrisJ said…
OMG that baby is stunning!! Love the photos and Im so happy for your move!!

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