15 Years

It's been 15 years since I walked down the aisle in a white dress and said "I do" to Brian Paul Lewis. I am 100% certain that no one else could love me or take care of me the way he does. This last year has kind of put a whole new meaning to the phrase "in sickness and in health," but he still makes me laugh as much now as he did back then, and I am an incredibly lucky girl.

I was hoping to scan a picture from our wedding (mostly so you could laugh), but then realized all the pictures are packed away so you'll just have to look at this one taken last night.


Last year we didn't get to celebrate because I had just started chemo and my poor stomach could not handle being away from a bathroom for any length of time. This year, we're all alone with no family present to babysit not to mention in the middle of the end of soccer and baseball season so we're celebrating big with haircuts for both kiddos, a trip to the pharmacy, soccer practice, and a baseball game. ;) I hate to admit it, but I haven't even bought him so much as a card, although since I haven't been able to drive for the last 3 weeks I have an excuse. Hopefully, he's well aware of how much I have loved him . . . 15 years and I pray many more to come.


Anonymous said…
Let me be the first:
A blessed happy 15th anniversary, sweet couple. We love you!
Joyce said…
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Joyce said…
You definitely got a good one--he's a keeper. Happy Anniversary!
Gill said…
Hello. I'm just a visitor to your blog, but I wanted to wish you a very happy anniversary & many happy years to come. I pray that you will be aware of God's presence throughout your lives.
Krista said…
Happy Anniversary! I'm sure he knows how much you mean to him! Look at that smile - he's a happy man.
Mayme said…
Happy Anniversary you guys!
Amanda said…
Happy Anniversary! Great picture of you 2!
First of all, you are looking way gorgeous! Happy anniversary--Brian sounds like a really amazing man.

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