Not Done Yet

This is Brian, and I doubt I will be as poetic or humorous as Melissa. Melissa came through her surgery fine yesterday, although the surgery was very long.

Dr. W (oncologist) joined in on the surgery to see "how things looked." He removed one of her calcified spots to look at under a microscope, and took a few biopsies too.

Dr. T removed her gall bladder successfully. However, she is not done yet. She will have a procedure today to remove gall stones from her common bile duct. It's called an ERCP. It's possible that I have those letters mixed up. Anyway, they go down through her throat to remove stones in her common bile duct.

Speaking of her throat, it is already very sore, and she has one of those NGO tubes. I've never had to have one, but it sounds like it's worse than surgery itself.

She came to the room feeling very nauseous, having already vomited in recovery. Sorry, if that's to graphic. Dr. T (who we love outside of this paragraph) would not approve of anti-nausea meds. Melissa continued vomiting until our awesome nurse went around Dr. T and got meds approved through Dr. H. She then began feeling better.

The night was anything but restful. If you've never been in the hospital, it's not a place to rest and recover. Melissa has the tinniest veins on the planet and probably in the universe. Every phlebotomist that comes in to draw blood says something to the effect of, "Oh my!" She was unsuccessfully "stuck" at various times last night. Finally, this morning they were successful in their mining and struck gold.

She is off in a few moments for the ERCP. The good news is that the doctor doing the procedure is not planning on putting the NGO tube back in!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging comments!


KirstyB said…
Thanks for the update, Brian! Keeping you all in our prayers!
Poor thing. Thank you for updating, Brian!
Amanda said…
Thanks for the update. Praying for you both!!
Anonymous said…
Keeping you both close in thought and prayers.
Brenna said…
Will be praying today. I'm so sorry you all are going through all this.
Louise Lewis said…
Thanks for the up date, we worry about her when we have no news, prayers for all of you.
Krista said…
Hoping and praying things went well today - thinking of you all!
Vicky said…
So glad for the update- you have been continually in my thoughts and prayers!
Tim Lewis said…
Maybe not as poetic, but you definitely have a flair with words. Wish we could be there. We're praying
Still praying that the Lord will allow a quick recovery. Please know that you all are being continually taken before the throne.
Kelly said…
Thanks for updating, Brian...prayers that she is well, and out of there very, very soon!
Karen said…
Thanks for the update... Melissa has been in my constant prayers. I hope today's procedure went well and that she get the relief she needs. I can't imagine not being able to get anti-nausea meds when you're feeling that way! Many more prayers and hugs to Melissa!
Amanda said…
Hope everything went ok. Thinking of you today and hoping you are having a good Mother's Day!!

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