Never a Dull Moment

Because we didn't have enough on our plate right now, I am blogging from the hospital. After spending all night being horribly sick, Brian brought me to the ER this morning. I've had lots of tests and scans, and it appears not only is my gall bladder not working but my liver is going nuts as well.

The good news is I actually feel fine right now. Bad news is that the nuclear scans show no gall bladder or liver function so I've been admitted and will be having lots more tests over the next 24 hours. I'm not quite sure if the news about my liver is quite as ominous as it sounds. We'll see.

My parents were in town to help us out with packing and a yard sale we had scheduled for the weekend, so they're holding down the fort at home. 

I'll update when we know something. Thanks for all the prayers!


Brenna said…
Oh, Melissa. Bless your heart! I am praying this is an easy fix and you are soon home and packing again. Hugs!
Renee T. said…
oh no---I hope they can get that gall bladder out quickly and figure out what's going on with your liver...keeping you in my thoughts.... :)
Joy said…
Enough with the excitement! ; ) You deserve a few months (no years) of boring relaxation. Praying you get answers soon and feel well enough to go running out of the hospital!! : )
Vicky said…
Praying and praying for you! Praying for the frazzled nerves and the worry. Hang in there and know we are lifting you in prayer!
Kathy Reger said…
Oy! Never a dull moment for you! Praying that you get some answers soon and that everything is an easy fix!
Anonymous said…
Time to rest up and let others step up to help you! I hope you're home for mother's day, but I don't know about whether you should be working a rummage sale... can someone else take charge of that for you? That could make for a really exhausting day for you. I hope your organs settle down soon. I'm so glad you are at least feeling better today.
UGH!!! Thank goodness your parents were here this weekend. Sure hope this is a pretty easy fix. Stupid gallbladder.
Danyelle said…
Prayers already being sent up for you...hoping they find the cause quickly and that you are headed for home soon.

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