Friday Photo Dump

With everything going on in our lives, I'm just not sure about blogging every day for the next couple of weeks. Just a warning. ;) If I'm not around, it's only because life is insanely chaotic at the moment.

Camden reading my blog on the iPad in the dark.

Found Rory asleep in her room. She fell asleep reading Fancy Nancy, and this just doesn't happen often! My ISO is 4000 on these pics, btw, so the noise and focus is off, but I don't really care.


Occasionally, I can pull out the camera, tell the kids I want to take their picture. They actually say "okay," I snap one picture and we're done in one click. This was one of those times. I sure love these kids.

Our weekend includes packing, sleepover with 8 year old boys, packing, soccer game, packing, baseball game, packing, and possibly a desperately needed date night if we can squeak it in. Oh, and packing. ;) I just may have driven 20 minutes out of my way for Starbucks this morning in preparation for the weekend.

Oh, and how could I forget that it's International Digital Scrapping Day tomorrow. Unfortunately, I think I'm not going to be spending much time with the computer scrapping although it just might be worth staying up late for.

Happy Friday.


Renee T. said…
That pic of the two of them is fantastic! Good luck with all the packing :)
Amanda said…
Love the photos and I am super impressed with the little noise and great clarity that you got at ISO 4000. You are rocking that camera! Beautiful pic of Camden and Rory!!

ps- Loved her outfit Wednesday night. I found Naartji at the outlets in Gatlinburg this spring and it has become one of my favorite places. Wish we had one around here.
talk about hectic! And I can't believe Rory fell asleep while reading. Never happened with my boys.
Anonymous said…
I love that picture of Camden! I am so impressed!!
Beautiful photos! You really rock the high ISO! And I'm totally jealous of the fact that Rory fell asleep reading. Wow!

Hope the weekend isn't as hectic as it sounds! Yikes!

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