Tuesday's Tidbits

Based on the incredible amount of attention we have received the last few weeks, Rory must be getting cuter. It's either that or the cute bob she's sporting these days because she has gotten a ridiculous amount of attention from strangers in the last few weeks. And why don't I just announce it here since I've had no less than 4 specific requests from strangers: Jennifer at The Hair Gallery in Springfield cuts her hair. You can get the same cut for yourself! We should start getting commission.

In case you've ever wondered how pumpkin and chocolate chips might be together, I can personally vouch for these cookies.

"If I were a football player, at the same age I am right now, I would get hurt. And that would make me sad." Definitely from Rory. Camden just tells us "that's the reason I don't play football" every time he sees someone get tackled. Yep, brave children I have.

Rory poked her head in from playing outside yesterday and said, "MAMA! I just figured out something. If you scare the cat, it runs up a tree." 

We had a parent/teacher conference Friday afternoon with Camden's teacher, and I am once again reminded just how much we take him and his academic abilities and good behavior for granted. He is such a good kid.

Brian came home from school yesterday and took the kids out for a couple of hours to spend a little bit of quality time with them, but also to give me a few minutes alone. I may or may not have sent a text yesterday that said, "Someone. Please. For the love of God. Make her stop talking."

Camden, who craves snuggling not just from us but from the cats, got scratched yesterday. I am quite certain that the poor cat just is tired of being snuggled by an 8 year old. We had a hard time convincing Camden that Skipper wasn't out for blood. You would have thought he'd broken his arm by the way he was shaking and whining. Like I've said many times before, heaven help us if he ever actually gets injured.

Brian and the kids returned home last night from the trip mentioned above with an updated heating pad bean thingy from Brookstone. Camden said the best part of his day was the look on my face when they gave it to me. All together now, awwwwwwwww. 

Gram just came to pick up both kids to keep Rory today and to take Camden to school. I leave for chemo in a few minutes, but right now I'm enjoying a few quiet moments with my coffee.
Micheline Martin: Bo Jangles


Kelly said…
All I have to say is, girl, you're in trouble when Rory's a teenager. She IS getting more cute by the day, I think!!!!

You might be surprised if Camden ever really does get hurt.. my niece Maddie was the same way about tiny "injuries", and then she sprained her ankle really badly and they weren't sure they should even take her to the doctor because she was making such little fuss about it!
Joy said…
LOL! Rory and Sumner could talk to each other forever! Jason said last night, "Remember when I thought she would never start talking? Now I wonder if she will ever hush!". Girls just have a lot to say....about anything. : )

Hope your day goes well!!
Anonymous said…
Just have to say thank you for letting us have a glimpse into your world. Today's post just made me feel happy and warm all over...like I had been given a big hug. I am amazed how you just live life. God is using you and your circumstances to bring sunshine to so many especially here in NC. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and your family and say a prayer for you.

Believing with you...

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