A Busy Week

In the days following chemo, I vacillate between trying to keep my eyes open and talking 100 miles a minute. The steroids made me hyper while the chemo makes me weak and fatigued. The steroids also make me even more impatient than normal. Yes, I am a complete joy to be around on these days. Thankfully, the effects are starting to wear off and I am mostly fatigued at this point.

My mom was in town this week, and we spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday shopping, having lunch at fun places to eat as well as throwing in a little bloodwork, chemo, and a Neulasta shot. I have become incredibly behind on running errands so we took care of lots of necessities while also throwing in some fun shopping. I'm still on my 3 year search for the perfect boot. Tried on several pairs this week and, of course, the only pair that met all my criteria was $275. I actually found them in a magazine at Dr. W's office, tore the page out, then took the picture to the shoe store. They were just about as perfect as I imagined. Minus the pricetag, of course. Becky says shopping for boots is almost as bad as shopping for jeans and swimming suits, and I'm just about ready to agree with her.

The best news of the week is that my CA125 level came back Thursday, and it is down from 35 to 28. I am thankful for the good news, but trying not to let myself be too hopeful because it's been as low as 28 before and this could very well just be the normal bouncing around that my CA125 seems to do.

Thursday and Friday were spent making up for the busy days earlier this week, and we stayed home, finished up some craft projects, baked multiple pumpkin goodies, etc. And when I say "we" I really mean "my mom."

I have way too many pictures to share from the past week (including soccer tournament photos), and honestly the thought of tackling them all is overwhelming me so I'm going to take it easy today and maybe get started on pictures tomorrow.


Vicky said…
Before I even began typing I looked down and my word veri, is "spaced" I had to laugh considering the fatigue you and I both have. I am so happy to hear your mom came to provide some respite for you and a little shopping distraction! Yay for your tumor markers to go down... I completely know that feeling of not getting too hopeful, but that direction is good.

Hope you can rest and give yourself some time to refresh and restore yourself a bit- the pictures will wait- at least you took them in the first place!
Sounds like a good week too! As busy as it was. I can't even imagine your exhaustion though... take your time with the pics. We'll be here!

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