Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Reads

Oh, I am seriously chatty kathy these days - the steroids do it to me. I'm typing/texting/facebooking away, calling my mom and talking her ear off about anything and everything. Last night at 10:00 I was probably driving Brian crazy as anything that flew into my head flew out of my mouth.

But this isn't me talking. This is me sharing a few good posts I've read lately.

Fight For It: All about family mealtime, something I strongly believe in. It's something we did growing up - always, always, always had breakfast and dinner together no matter what. And while Brian and I may have spent 99% of our meals on the couch in front of the TV, once the kiddos came along, it became all about family meal time.

Ann Kelle: This is more about the pictures than anything else. Rory and I had the privilege of working with Kelle last year, and I think she is the sweetest, most creative girl I might have had the privilege to meet. And I adore her bright, mostly pink blog.

Heated: I love Boo Mama's blog in general, but this post is funny and describes my love of air conditioning exactly.

From Roads Less Traveled: Inspiring.

Pretending to be in Love: A great thing to try. And let's be honest. After 14 years of marriage, we need to do this. Kudos to you if this isn't something you have to work on!

Finding the Art in Life: Oh, the pretty, pretty pictures. I want to be her when I grow up.

How Sweet It Is: Oh, the food! No wonder I gained 9 pounds this cycle. Yes, I totally did. Granted, this cycle started with me at my lowest weight since the 4 weeks prior were a never ending cycle of vomiting, eating round the clock, and hospital visits, BUT STILL!

A Mother's Love: Can we say convicting? This pierced my heart, and I need to read it daily to remind myself of how a mother should act. I could pull the cancer card and say it's HARD to be patient when you're sick or to not snap when you're on steroids that make you very snappy, but the honest truth is that I'm not that great at it even when I was well. Go read it.

Enjoying the Small Things: Once again, just the blog in general. She has such a carefree, embrace every moment philosophy about parenting that I wish I could embrace myself. Alas (ha! I just used the word alas), it is so not my personality. But I'm trying. And she takes beautiful lifestyle pictures documenting their days together.

Okay, that's all for now. But I really want to talk, talk, talk.

By the way, chemo was good today. I felt really good, talked a mile a minute to anyone who would listen to me. My CA125 level is up about 10 points, which didn't make me happy, but Dr. W says not to worry about it. I also had my first public outing with no head covering. It felt good, and everyone loved it. I did find that when we went to lunch afterward, I was a little overwhelmed to be in public and made Brian run and get my food for me. It was one thing to be bald at an oncologist's office where everyone understands and I didn't get any stares, only compliments. I found that I didn't quite have the courage to walk into a busy restaurant. But I'll get there. Because I'm totally sick of the scarves.


Christine said...

I think I like Chatty Melissa! This may be one of my fave posts of yours recently... mostly cause I feel like I am on the phone with you or having coffee across the table from you...

Krista said...

Thanks for all the new links! I've been following How Sweet It Is for a few weeks now... drool...
And glad to hear Chemo went well today!

thewonderfulhappens said...

thanks for the great links!!

I guess it would take some getting used to to walk around in public totally bald. And I would also think that the scarves would be HOT in August!!! I'll pray for you for boldness and confidence!

Janet said...

Oh the steroids...they are trippy...I was the same way...up all night, chatty as heck, etc... I read a lot of books then too...something I wish I had the time for now.

One thing I wish I had done when I was a bald...was have someone put a temporary tattoo on my head...or paint something on some lovely flowers or something, I don't have any tattoos. They just aren't me, so I never did it then either. Now I wish I had...nothing permanent, but just something to have for a while...and to walk around like that. If people are gonna stare...let them stare...and be awed. I have more confidence now than I did back then. Be bold! I also wish I had gotten a pink wig...a sassy bob style. Yep.