Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

Last week Camden put his arm around Rory and said, "We've had some good times since Rory got here, you know."

My eyelashes and eyebrows are mostly non-existent and what little is left is falling out at an alarming rate. So why did I have to shave a small patch on my leg over the weekend?

On the way home from school yesterday Camden used the word "complimenting" in place of "commenting" and I did not even bother to correct him. I was too busy giggling inside.

Between chemo and my sinus issues last week, my taste buds are going crazy. For instance, the deli ham that I bought smells and tastes like deviled eggs to me (which I HATE) and I feel like I could eat my weight in fresh cucumbers and corn on the cob. My sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance, although for different things than normal. I'm craving rootbeer floats, orange slices, and sour gummy worms, but not chocolate. And did you notice I chose lemon blueberry and wildberry lavender ice cream on Saturday? That is so not me.

Drove for the first time in about 6 weeks yesterday. Can you believe that? And I'd forgotten how Rory views car time as having a captive audience and talks about 300 miles a minute. One of about 623 "remember when" stories was "Remember when Gram and Gramps took me to see you in the hospital? It was the best day of my life because I'd been missing you."

We signed Rory up for pre-school. Thank you for all the words of wisdom. She's only on the waiting list so there's no guarantee, but she's 2nd in line so I'm hopeful. I wasn't influenced at all by the fact that I've heard, "we're going to do something special when Camden is at school, right?" about 220 times since Friday. And to the anonymous poster who insinuated that we're not sending her to kindergarten this year strictly because I don't want to let her go, we have a multitude of valid reasons to not start kindergarten until next year. None of which include me being a mother who can't let go. Just needed to get that off my chest, thank you very much.

And speaking of preschool, while I appreciate all the reassurances that I don't need make-up for preschool drop-off, let me just say this. I AM BALD, people. And my eyebrows and eyelashes are almost gone. Make-up is not really optional. 

A quick picture from yesterday - we always celebrate the end of the first day of school with Sonic Happy Hour. And a cherry limeade is always the drink of choice for Camden and Rory.

And a quick layout; credits here.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the kindergarten comment. My little one is not doing pre-school and won't be starting kindergarten until 5.5. Why rush a good thing!!! :)))

You are a beautiful person...clearly a wonderful mother and most importantly a God-fearing woman....I love reading your posts.

Joan B said...

I amend my previous comment. If you think you need makeup, you need makeup! You can at least in charge of that decision.

Hope preschool works out in whatever way you think is best for your family. They are adorable.

April said...

You are brave and SO FUNNY and just plain awesome! =)

Kimberly Geswein said...

Dude, whoever left that comment obviously was having a corncob-rectal issue. Seriously.

thewonderfulhappens said...

first of all, to the anonymous commenter: how rude.

Secondly, Camden's remark about having some good times since Rory's been home? Hilarious!!!

And cherry limeade? ALWAYS my first choice at Sonic!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute pic of Rory :)
(Also, don't worry about anyone else's thoughts on kindergarten - you & Brian will make the best decision for your family!)

I love the Camden comment about good times, so sweet :)
- Renee Theodore

Elizabeth Frick said...

I keep giggling over the thought of Rory taking a car ride as being her own private captive audience :)

Tracie said...

You have such an amazing family. I love reading your posts. You are truly inspiring.

Amy said...

Camden's comment about Rory has me chuckling! I just love the things your kids say and makes me look forward to hearing Lukas one day. As for the anonymous comment: totally uncalled for!! Your reasons are completely your business but I can say as an elementary school teacher I would never question a parent keeping a child home from K an extra year. In my experience it is always a good thing and benefits them in so many ways in the long run.

Christine said...

Yay for pre-school!!! :-)

And, I don't leave the house without make-up if at all possible... so I hear ya! (And I'm not bald, so what's my excuse?!?!)

And oh. my. word... the captive audience thing. Yes, I know. I've considered ear plugs. Is that wrong!?