Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just a Few Things

Just a few things:

I have felt so good this week! And with the exception of last night, I've been sleeping well, which makes a huge difference.

I am very tired this morning, but thanks to Uncle Michael who had already arranged to spend one of his vacation days this week with Rory, I am kid-free and heading to lunch with a friend. And I'm far enough out from chemo that the food is going to taste delicious!

Rory and I have been to the dentist twice this week already, and there's another appointment scheduled for next week. She has SIX cavities. After Brian was forced to endure the nightmare that is our pediatric dentist back in June, he made the executive decision to see if our family dentist would work on her. She loves going to the dentist and despite all the work she's had done is not scared at all. Not only is our family dentist 10 minutes from home, but we never have to wait, and they are wonderful to us. AND he's not going to try to put two caps on her front two teeth which the pediatric dentist said we must do.

4 months after being diagnosed with cancer, I now have a case manager with the insurance company. And I know that insurance companies have a bad reputation, but this woman has called me several times just to check in with me after chemo and has been very, very sweet and helpful.

Rory had her 2nd soccer practice Tuesday night (did I mention her first game is Saturday?) and I have to say I was quite impressed. The girl just might have skills.

And, yes, there are pictures.





And the chocolate chip cookies were awesome. The recipe was good enough that I just might have to buy  bread and pastry flour to make it with next time (I just substituted all-purpose flour, which the recipe said not to do). Oh, and refrigerating them for 3 days really did make a difference in the texture. I baked one pan Sunday before refrigerating them, and the texture was better on Wednesday.

And because I'm feeling slightly guilty over the sheer number of Rory pics I've shared recently (okay, actually all the time), I'll have some Camden pics for the weekend. I'm also thinking that the number of pictures I take is in direct relation to how good I feel (and I have taken ALOT this week).

Now I'm off to enjoy my morning iced coffee in peace and quiet.


Joy said...

I guess no soccer ensemble if complete without pink lip gloss. ; ) Go Rory!

KrisJ said...

LOVE the pics! Love that she is doing soccer too! Glad you are feeling good too! And yummm cookie pics!

Monica said...

Personally, I LOVE the Rory pics, and I think everyone understands that Cameron is at school and therefore not as available for photo shoots! Thanks for sharing your life!

thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so happy to hear that your insurance experience has been a good one! What a blessing at such a difficult time!

Anonymous said...

Such cute Rory soccer pics. Glad to hear you are feeling well this week.
:) Renee

Brenda Lewis said...

Rory and Camden both are such "naturals"! I know she will do well and love soccer!

Laura and John said...

Love, love, love that you are feeling good this week!!!! I might just have to try that cookie recipe. :)

Grace said...

no apologies needed -- this is so adorable! and i am SERIOUSLY impressed that she played the entire time. i've been to several students' soccer games and most of the kids spend a lot of time chasing butterflies. ;)

Grace said...

oops, i commented on the wrong post -- that last one was meant for the soccer one (obvi) -- but gosh darn it, rory is too darn cute here, too!

Christine said...

LOVE the soccer pics! And love that your family dentist can take Rory... every little bit of sanity helps!