Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

For all my fellow Korean drama lovers, I just started Heartstrings on DramaFever. Anyone else watching?

Ran across this blog post about the amount of sugar in your kid's food. Shocking! I'm glad to say the only thing they're eating on that list is the cheerios, Yoplait yogurt and Quaker granola bars, but still! I'm definitely getting rid of the Yoplait yogurt.

On the phone with my mom, Rory says, "You know I saw Dr. V when I was 3? Well, I've been DYING to see him again because I just LOVE Dr. V." Dr. V would be the dentist, and while he is nice, I don't know why she would love him - she has to have work done every.single.time. In fact, we're going again tomorrow for the 3rd time in 8 days.

When I asked Rory how she liked her yogurt at lunch the other day, here was her reply (I totally wrote it down right then and there on a scrap piece of paper): "It has an interesting kick, but I still like it. I like the freshness here." Oh, yes, she did. We watch a little too much Food Network on the days following chemo.

Did something yesterday for the very first time: went to a restaurant and ate lunch on my own. I had a couple of doctor's appointsment yesterday so Gram kept Rory while I did lots of running around (more on that later). I took my iPad, my mi-fi, and went to Kalamatas and had falafel. I'm on such a weird cucumber and tomato kick that I ended up taking off most of the falafel and just eating the cucumber and tomatoes with the tzatziki sauce.

So yesterday. All my running around was kind of crazy. Dropped Camden off at school, drove to Nashville in crazy traffic, met my friend Tina for a very quick breakfast, headed to Dr. W's for bloodwork, went to 3 different floors before I remembered the right one for Dr. H (hello, chemo brain), bought 4 scarves at The Wig Shoppe (goodbye, budget), went to THREE Targets (and, yes, I bought something at each one, just not what I was looking for), 2 libraries, the bank, the post office, picked Camden up from school then went to pick up Rory. I was e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. last night.

And my trip to Dr. H. I've got more lumps, all near the two incision sites from the port surgery. Apparently, it's just more scar tissue and it's just my bad luck that because of the location they're always going to be uncomfortable. One set rubs against my rib cage and the other is at my belly button which is where pants/belts, etc. hit not to mention bending over. I'm glad it's only scar tissue, and I guess I'll just deal with a little pain. Dr. H is one of my favorite doctors and I was kind of sad to say goodbye to him yesterday. Unless I have more problems, I won't need him anymore (and I really, really don't want to need him). He hugged me goodbye, which is sweet.

You just might find cute pictures of Rory and a little photography tutorial right here. More from that photoshoot coming sometime this week.

And two pictures from the weekend that I'm pretty sure will not make either Project 365 or a scrapbook page.

Brian likes this one for some reason.

This is the picture I was going for, which clearly did not work out so well since she looks slightly drunk. :)

Happy Tuesday! Rory and I are spending the day at home, no plans today (for the first time since last Sunday) except for a whole bunch of laundry and soccer practice tonight.


Christine said...

SO GLAD it's just scar tissue, but so sad it's uncomfortable... Hmph! (on your behalf of course)

Rory never ceases to make me laugh... what a funny kiddo!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Oh Melissa... I'm so relieved to hear that the lumps are nothing to worry about! I saw your post on FB yesterday and was thinking positive thoughts all day long for you.

Rory, you cuh-RACK me up, girlie! An "interesting kick?" Seriously!

Your day out sounds both wonderful and completely exhausting. Lunch alone is the absolute best. I've done it once or twice, and I always want more.

Shelly said...

Oh no... another Korean Drama... I JUST finished watching Gloria, from your blogpost long ago! LOL.... guess I'll be checking out this one as well! So cheesy, but so fun to watch! :o)

KrisJ said...

LOVE the photos! SOOO happy it was scar tissue but sad that its painful still.
And omg that food quote is too cute!