Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Plans

I have had a horrible time sleeping the last 7 or 8 days, but I finally got a good 7 hours last night. After going so long without sleep, it's just enough to make me feel like a complete zombie this morning, of course, but I'm glad to get some sleep in. Rory and I have decided we must get out of this house so we're going to run a few errands this morning. Maybe the extra activity will be enough to wake me up. That and the Starbucks we're going to pass on the way.

After the first week of school, we almost always head out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant to spend our Friday night relaxing over a bowl of free chips and salsa (okay, actually we do this at least once a month, not just after the first week of school). Chemo and my crazy stomach has put a minor disruption on our little Friday night routine. As in I think we've been once since my surgery in March. And while it seems as if school has been in session forever, this is actually Brian's first Friday night after a full week of school. And let me tell you, he has had one heck of a week. Weeks, actually, if you count all the prep work going on the weeks prior to school starting. We're also planning to make a trip to the mall to work on getting Rory her own soccer gear after we've eaten all the chips and salsa we can take.

And my picture of the day? Anyone else find it ironic that this was the free sample in my Sephora order yesterday?

Hope your Friday is as exciting as ours. :)

Sahlin Studio/Sugar Plum Paperie: Treasured Moments

Valorie Wibbens: Just Because (credits here)

Sahlin Studio: Field Trip


Joy said...

LOL! I say "give it a go" - who know what the shampoo and conditioner might do! ; ) You crack me up! And I'd love to know what fun goodies you ordered from Sephora.... : )

Hope you are all able to enjoy your fun Friday night out! Did Camden have a good first week at school?

Rebecca H. said...

okay, so i had gotten WAY behind on my blog reading, so i just popped in to get caught up. can i just say YUM to the ice cream! so glad you got to have that day! and BOO on the kitty. that sounds like an impossibly hard parenting moment. *sigh*
love the layouts today. all good stuff. hope you're feeling better soon!

Vicky said...

Your sweet sister commented on my blog yesterday and now, wow, here I am and so happy to meet you! i could so hang with you two- I just know it... from the salsa to the treats and movie in the last post, and oh yeah, the cancer thing too. So glad to see your beautiful sprit, strong and vibrant and faith filled. Tucking you into my prayers!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Love the free sample.
And oooh... I like your chips and salsa tradition!
Sorry Brian had a rough week. Hopefully school gets better and better all the time.
And yay for sleep!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Your scrapbook pages are wonderful. It is so true that we forget to treasure the moments. A great lesson for us all.

And, yeah for sisters! I can't imagine life without mine.