Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

For Mother's Day this year Camden brought me a little coupon book that he made at school full of little coupons like: one kiss, one hug, one walk together, breakfast in bed, etc. If you remember, my first set of 3 chemo treatments were the week of Mother's Day, and I am ashamed to say that the little coupon book did not get quite the attention it deserved.

Last night at bedtime (which was kind of late notice for Brian), I decided I should cash in the breakfast in bed coupon. Poor Camden has hinted at it several times. It was so funny because Camden had something very specific in mind. He went and wrote down a menu, which included items like "biskits, scrambld eggs with chees, topings, hony, serup." Brian and I had decided before hand I was going to choose "biskits." So Camden wrote the menu, Rory was supposed to deliver it to me, and then Camden was going to take my order. I deviously gave them lots of extra orders like chilling my milk glass in the freezer, that I only wanted the bottoms of the biscuits, that it should be delivered at 7:16, etc. Camden was exceedingly patient and wrote everything down. Rory could barely stand to not be in the middle of it all and danced around excitedly adding anything she's ever heard a waiter say to the conversation.

And this morning, I read in bed until breakfast was ready and enjoyed a lovely quiet time.

(let me just apologize in advance that many pictures are out of focus)







All done



I wonder if I could pull the cancer card and get this every Saturday.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Oh, how this makes my mama-heart go pitter-pat! My goodness, there's so much adorable-ness in this post!!! You have got some amazingly sweet and thoughtful children, young lady! Very reflective of their mama...
PS - you and I would make a great team b/c I only like the TOPS of biscuits :)

Kelly said...

The joy on their faces and anticipation is priceless...what a lovely way to start your day:)
Think of you often Melissa...

Anonymous said...

these pictures are great. the kids look so happy and cute :)


Annie B. said...

LOVE the last photo of Rory taking one last peek! Your kids are amazing:)

Amy said...

Oh this is so sweet! I love the pics and the different expressions on their sweet faces! Glad you enjoyed your special treat!

Christine said...

This may just be the CUTEST thing EVER!!!! Love it. And that last photo?!?! Adorable!!! Now, can Camden give Spencer a call in about two years and plant this seed!?

Grace said...

sooo sweet! i love that camden created a menu for you...what a sweet, sweet boy!