Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thousand Gifts 468-503

Chemo Round #5 has been a bit of a bear and I'm feeling very behind with blog posts, announcing give-away winners, pictures, etc. I have several fun posts in mind for the week, but in the meantime, here are a few pics from last week.

Me and Tina on our way to chemo Thursday

A very tired but happy Rory with her playdate, Ms. Jenne.

What do you do on Saturday mornings? My kids play on the deck with the kittens in their p.j.'s.


Aunt Becky and Rory on their Dunkin' Donuts date.

Aunt Becky and Camden on their Sonic date.

469. fresh, clean sheets
470. watching Rory sleep at naptime
471. high fives from Rory as she sends Camden off to school
472. picking Camden up on his first day of school
473. lunch with friends
474. laughing around the supper table
475. family storytime
476. listening to Rory boss her kittens around
477. booking photo shoots
478. a cool morning
479. phone conversations with a friend that include nothing more serious than potty training and nap habits
480. new Vera Bradley purse (thank you, Collette!)
481. new pedicure set (thank you, West Cheatham!)
482. being able to attend Wednesday night Bible Study
483. lots of fun blog comments to read
484. finally, finally getting back to a good schedule with my morning quiet time (I find everything that comes with cancer and chemo side effects makes it very difficult to do anything consistently)
485. a good chemo treatment
486. knowing that there's only one more regularly scheduled chemo left
487. chatting with fellow cancer patients and our great nurse
488. seeing a friend finish her chemo journey
489. seeing how happy Rory is after a fun playdate
490. friends who are willing to take Rory on fun playdates
491. delicious rainbow cake (that I didn't have to bake!)
492. praise and worship music that makes me so encouraged
493. "just for fun" music that makes me feel good
494. evenings that are cool enough the AC doesn't run non-stop
495. a girl's day with my sisters
496. the ability to laugh over hair loss and funny wigs
497. a cool morning that reminds me fall is on its way
498. a sister who takes time out to take Camden and Rory on little dates
499. Grandpa's who take Rory on dates
500. Rory's excitement over her first soccer practice
501. friends who drop off supper and encourage me just by their sweet spirit
502. waking up and feeling better
503. sleeping all night


Anonymous said...

Melissa- the morning playtime deck pics are so very cute :)
---Renee Theodore

Chris said...

LOVE the "Superman was adopted" t-shirt- LOL! :D I can never get over how all your photos are perfectly exposed. What is your secret, girl? :D

Cynthia said...

I have been following your blog for a long time in the process of my daughter adopting a little girl from Korea in February of this year. I pray for you daily and delight in seeing your beautiful family pictures. Doing a little bit of "catch up" I started looking at older posts and got to a June posting that had pictures of Joy and Sumner. Joy was my babysitter (one of two because Grandma always did that for us). She was on my yearbook staff and I have loved her for a long time. I knew she had Sumner because my daughter saw her at a celebration at the Korean Church in Nashville. What a small world!! I will continue to lift you in prayer, but now I feel a "personal" connection with you. Our God is an awesome God. Prayers continue for you and your beautiful family. Cynthia

thewonderfulhappens said...

sorry this round of chemo has been bad! I hope as the week goes on, things get better!!!

Christine said...

Your list is SO fabulous this week!!! And I love the deck photos too...