Friday, August 26, 2011

You're Going to be so Tired of Soccer

I'm just going to apologize this once for all the soccer pics that are probably going to appear on the blog in the next few weeks. You'll just have to put up with my obsessive pride in how cute Rory is playing soccer.

Last night we scrimmaged with our friend Emma's team. And can I just say that this was only our third practice while the rest of the teams in the league have been practicing for weeks now. It was so much fun, despite the fact that we lost approximately 762 to 2. And Rory played almost the entire hour because the coach made the mistake of asking who wanted to play and who didn't, and she was one of the very few who wanted to play the whole time.

Getting ready for the big game. That would be her coach with the bald head. (It's a toss-up as to who has the best bald head: me or the coach.) And her coach has a ton of soccer experience, but, bless his heart, maybe not so much experience explaining soccer to 4 year olds. I wish I could remember all the soccer commands he was giving them last night but suffice it to say nothing was on a 4 year old level. And the kiddos, bless their hearts, jumped up and down and nodded yes to everything he said.082611_1

Ummm, it's possible these two pink powder puff girls should maybe not be on the field at the same time.

I certainly wish this were in focus, but I didn't pull the camera out fast enough. I think you get the feeling of excitement, though, right? At one point, the other coach felt sorry for us and held his team back so we could actually have the experience of driving to the goal, and Rory scored that goal as well. But this goal was the real deal. Those two goals happened to be the only goals our team scored last night.082611_3

Riley and Rory, a.k.a. the pink powderpuff girls

The two little Asian beauties on the field last night. Rory declares Emma to be her best friend ever because "we wuv each other" approximately 6 times a day.

Our first official game is Saturday, and I'm pretty sure we're going to lose just as badly in that game, but it's okay. Rory's having a blast, and we're thoroughly enjoying watching her. And these sport pictures (combined with Camden's baseball pics in the spring) have convinced me I definitely need a sports lens. Any suggestions? Only half kidding here.

And one last funny soccer story. This is how inexperienced our team is. After the game was over, Coach D told our team to line up so we could be good sports and shake hands. They proceeded to shake each other's hands while the other team and coach looked on incredulously. Hilarious.


Anonymous said...

ok- that bit about lining up and shaking each other's hands made me laugh out loud. that would have been funny to see :)

- Renee

Mayme said...

I enjoyed watching those 2 beauties so much last night! We may be the most blessed moms in the world!

thewonderfulhappens said...

That is hilarious about the shaking hands!! I love Rory's Olivia shirt!

Laura and John said...

I love seeing Rory's little piggies flying in the air when she scored her goal! Way to go Rory! I seriously laughed when I pictured their little team shaking hands with each other, bless them. How fun! So glad you are out there on the side lines enjoying it. Yes, spring for your new lens! No clue what kind, but girl, you deserve it! :)

Christine said...

If all the photos are this cute, I will not mind at all! I love all the sweetness in these.