Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Few Things

First of all, how did I manage to forget to share this picture and information? I'm going to be an aunt again! This is momentous for several reasons. First, it's Elizabeth and she's the baby of the family. Second, we've been waiting a long time. :) Third, considering there are no more babies coming from me or Becky and my brother isn't married, the babies are all going to have to be Michael and Elizabeth's from now on. :)

This is Michael showing the kids the ultrasound picture and Camden is desperately trying to figure out what it is. He was so excited, and when we'd finished talking about it, he told me, "I just never expected this." And Camden and Rory were so excited that they spilled the beans to several people before they were supposed to. I guess it was too much to expect them to keep it a secret for 3 days.


Photography side note: My pictures from this week are a disaster. Someone (ummm, that would be Brian) is obsessed with taking pictures of the one-eyed owl (as well as obsessed with trying to scare it off) and somehow my camera settings got changed to ISO 5000, and I didn't notice it until yesterday. Come on, camera buddies, groan with me.

And remember this picture from earlier?

Well, I looked up an old picture. This one is from 2006. Be still, my heart.

And, finally, Brian and I got to have a date today. Well, actually it was more like run a million errands, but there were no kids involved so it was good. We had ice cream at Jeni's. If you're in the Nashville area, definitely give it a try. Brian had black coffee and pistachio honey; I had lemon blueberry and wildberry lavender. So good!

Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday.


Kelly said...

I know 5 years is a relatively large chunk of time in the life of an 8 year old, but I absolutely cannot believe how different both Camden and Emily look in those 5 years that have passed! What beautiful children you both have!!!!

Totally jealous of the that ice cream shop, it sounds divine (well, except for the coffee flavor for me!)!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm so excited for your family. You all needed some good news and I'm so happy for Liz and Michael! Congratulations!!

One Happy Mama said...

Baby love!! I love when it rains babies!! A very good friend of mine just announced she is pregnant too - she and her hubby have been trying for 3 years. And while JonJon won't technically be a "baby" he's going to be our baby!!

The photos of now and then are soooo cute :)

Joy said...

Congrats to Liz and Michael!! : ). And I'm sure Aunt Melissa is a little excited there will be a new baby to photograph..... ; )

What a sweet picture of Camden and Emily - then and now! So cute!

We'll have to try that ice cream shop the next time we are home. If we can get the kids past Sweet CiCi's. LOL

I'm impressed Brian knows how to change the ISO! You might have a wildlife photographer now!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Wow. I love the two comparison shots of Camden and Emily. What cute kiddos! And I meant to comment on the first time you published their photo - very photogenic kids!!!

Congratulations to Elizabeth & Michael. What fun to anticipate another baby in the family :)

Janet said...

That ice cream sounds devine. I totally LOVE ice cream...too much.
Those comparison shots...yowza!

thewonderfulhappens said...

Whoa--those comparison shots were amazing. What a cute little Camden! And now he is so grown up and handsome! Congratulations on the upcoming baby--welcoming a baby is so exciting!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

congrats to the new parents to be! and OMG aren't those just 2 beautiful children!!!

Christine said...

OK... first, congrats to the parents to be!!!

Second, I love that Brian changed the ISO. For some reason... that cracks. me. up. (But I also know how I would feel in your shoes and that makes me sad too.)