Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello, Skipper

Oh, yes, we're suckers and let Camden have another kitten. The family who gave us the first two had one more left in the litter, and Camden could not be happier. He really is such a sweet kid, and he loves these kittens!




Frenchie, on the other hand, is none too happy about her new playmate. She has been downright ugly to poor Skipper. I am hoping that eventually they will be friends, but 48 hours into it and there is no improvement.

Our weekend was quite uneventful. I ended up feeling fatigued more than I anticipated and spent most of my days at home on the couch. Brian ended up being on soccer gear duty on his own, but he managed well. The further I get into this journey, the less energy I seem to have to push through the chemo side effects, and I'm more willing to let the fatigue take over - not only physically, but mentally. I did wake up feeling quite a bit stronger today so I am hoping for a good week. We have a pretty normal schedule this week, and I found myself today basking in the normalcy of it all: taking Camden to and from school, fixing supper, even laundry (which I never love) and bloodwork at the hospital (which is part of the new normal).

And two more pictures from the weekend. This girl's legs have grown a mile this summer!

I love the look of determination on her face.

And I just like this one.


thewonderfulhappens said...

I love that last picture. She looks like one tough cookie!

KrisJ said...

Love the pics!! Sucks that this long trial is catching up to you! You have been so amazing I can only imagine that your body is ready to just enjoy a whole lot of couch time!
I would be ruling out laundry off my list of things to do.. I HATE laundry!!

Amy said...

I can just see the happiness and excitement on Camden's face! Yay for a new kitten! My gift card came in the mail today and, yes, Lukas definitely needs some ice cream! :) Thanks again!

Christine said...

Why hello Skipper! It's so nice to meet you!

Laura and John said...

Camden looks so happy to have a new kitten!!! I was so sad when I heard the other one got run over. Looks like a lot of fun at your house. Wishing you a week full of energy and 'normalcy.' :)

Grace said...

awww, i love the excitement and joy on camden's face! what a proud and happy little guy :) and i just love the shots of rory running...what a great spirit she has!