Thursday, August 18, 2011

Round 5 Wrap-Up

What I might remember about round 5 is the crazy nausea or the night I spent on the floor in my bedroom hugging the trashcan or the fact that the neuropathy has now extended to my hands or that I just wasn't sure I could even get out the door for bloodwork on Monday, but what I know I'll remember about Round 5 is the wig shopping and our sister's day in the middle of it all.

Saturday Becky and I met Elizabeth at Kalamatas (for my first Mediterranean dining experience) for lunch. Despite the nasty chemo taste, it was still delicious enough to make me want to try it again - next time without the added medicinal aftertaste.

Chicken salad with fresh fruit and a pecan honey roll.



Next up was The Help, which was fantastic. We all enjoyed the book and I was so excited that the movie came out while Becky was in town. It's one of the very few movies that I can say brought a book to life. I'm rarely satisfied with books made into movies (hello, Twilight), but this one was just wonderful. Go read the book and then see the movie.

And we had to finish off the day with ice cream at Jeni's. Yes, that would be three times in 8 days (since Becky brought me a salty caramel ice cream sandwich for lunch on Friday and Brian and I had been there last Saturday). Don't judge.


Becky and I split a strawberry buttermilk sandwich and an oatmeal cream pie sandwich. My favorite tasting of the day was the pear sorbet and the cherry lambic ice cream. SO good. Becky tried some sort of tomato concoction they had in honor of the Tomato Festival going on, and it tasted about like you'd think. :)



I started the day off with a scarf, but had a hot flash in the movie and off it came, never to make another appearance during the day.

Yes, this day is going to be what I remember from Round 5. Well, that and the pedicure Becky gave Rory and I when we got home Saturday night. Sometimes it's really tough being a cancer patient. :)


Joyce said...

Glad you posted pictures of the ice cream. I does look good. I'm also always glad to see pictures of you and your sisters! Love you!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry that round 5 has been so rough but I am so glad you had such a fun day with your sisters! All of the food looks and sounds amazing! I know it was just the kind of day you needed!

Monica said...

Wow! You three all have the same vibrant blue eyes! Your eyes have always amazed me, and seeing the picture of Becky and your sister side-by-side brought out the same bright color! That is so cool!

Joy said...

I agree with Monica about the blue eyes - so jealous! : ) Looks like you girls had a wonderful day!!

(Just looked up Jeni's and there is one in Chagrin Falls about 20 minutes from us - date night! LOL)

KrisJ said...

Despite the whole icky part of it looks like you guys had a blast!!!!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Love love LOVE that this will be your memory. And YUM! I need to visit again soon so I can enjoy the tour-de-sugar!

Kelle said...

I went to Kalamatas for the first time on Saturday, too! You're right, it was yummy! They gave me free baklava, which was also really good. Glad you were able to get out and have a good day. Looks like you had fun!

Christine said...

I'm so sorry that this has been a rough go... but I have to say I am MIGHTY jealous of that ice cream. YUM!