Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day in the Life

Cuddling with the kittens

And with the other one (don't ask me to distinguish between the two because I can't).

Taking them for a walk (each of them separately over and over).

Oh, yes, my feet on the blog again. But the kitten was trying to eat my toes while its sister was being walked.

Rescuing them from the "poison ivy." And while our flower bed may be in bad shape, it's not in such bad shape that there's poison ivy growing there.

Gosh, this is hard work.

If only you could have been a fly on the wall to hear her talking bossing these kittens around. And she was absolutely horrified when they kept trying to climb the tree. She was convinced they would never come down and die. Of course, we caught them yesterday putting them on top of the cars trying to teach them to jump off. Let me just say that if I had any idea how entertaining these kittens would be (and how many hours the kids would spend playing with them), we would have had pets long before now. Although the first afternoon the kittens came home, the kids were so engrossed in playing with them that they decided they couldn't take the time to up the stairs into the house to use the bathroom and just used the driveway as their potty, and since girls can't be quite as sanitary or neat as boys can (not to mention she'd never done this outside before) you can imagine the mess Rory made all over herself. 

Hope you have a great weekend! Mine includes a Neulasta shot which is probably my least favorite thing about treatment - it's worse than chemo. BUT Becky is flying in this morning and I'm hoping for enough energy before the Neulasta and chemo effects really kick in not only to see The Help on Saturday but also maybe finish a decorating project that's been in the works for months.


thewonderfulhappens said...

Hmmmm, I'm really starting to think about kittens. I think kittens are the way to go--we have a 10 year old dog and a 9 year old cat and neither want to have anything to do with the kids.

Hope you have time to do something fun this weekend!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Oh Rory... you are cracking me up! And her day is surprisingly similar to mine... ;)

Jill said...
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Jill said...

This post so reminded me of the first chapter of "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll. It's all about Alice bossing around her little kitten! Maybe Rory would enjoy it? (The rest of the book would be way too weird, I'd think, but the first chapter's pretty tame).

Krista said...

I can just imagine that scene! Too funny! Rory is going to be a good babysitter and then mommy one day.
Enjoy the Help! I want to see it too.

Janet said...

Oh dear...those kittens are cute! I can just imagine your daughter carrying them back and forth and bossing them around. Don't all little girls boss things around? I sure did. I would have loved to have kittens as a girl. My mom said no way to that.

Is the shot for your white count? I had to give myself a shot called Neupogen for a week every month to try to keep my white count from eing dangerously low (not that it really seemed to work all that well). I hated it. I don't hate needles or shots, but something about sticking the needle into my stomach when I was already feeling so damn awful...I would work myself up into tears at times.

Christine said...

Oh man... Rory and the kittens are so adorable! I love the story about the first afternoon too. TOO FUNNY.