Who is this guy?

Each year during VBS, the kids raise for money for a certain missionary/church/cause, etc. This year's project was Clearview Church (our new church in Texas), and we raised $1,200. Brian promised if they raised $500, he would paint his head like the Texas state flag. Do not ask me where he gets these ideas. So today was the Sunday he headed to church looking like this. By the way, if you want to see our page, click here.


I know I haven't talked about Texas or our work there much on the blog. It is mostly because just as we were gearing up for moving, changing jobs, etc., I was diagnosed with cancer and so our plans to move to Texas have felt kind of like a distant dream. Our plan is still to move to Texas and be a part of the church plant outside Dallas, but not until Summer 2012. Brian has been very busy this summer building the website and working with Randall (our pastor) to plan preview services gearing up for our launch this fall. Today in Texas they are holding a commissioning service for the Wright family and the other families who will be helping with the church. While I feel sad to not be there, I also feel so grateful to be in Tennessee and to have another year here. Is it strange that I can feel both sad and content at the same time?

And on a not-so-fun note, instead of getting to attend church this morning, I'm stuck at home. Not only did I not sleep for the second night a row, but I woke up with a sore throat. And much more serious than that, I have a painful knot underneath one of my surgery incisions. It is in the exact same place as one of the infected areas from several weeks ago, and I'm quite concerned that the infection is back. I'll definitely be calling the doctor first thing tomorrow morning.  I would appreciate prayers that this knot goes away and is not an infection. In the meantime, I'm at home alone enjoying listening to this album.


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, Melissa... I'm so sad to hear that you're experiencing pain again. I cannot wait for the day that you feel 100% like yourself again and have the energy you deserve.

On the other hand, Brian's hair is a HOOT! And the fact that the eyebrows also got in on the action makes me very happy :)
KrisJ said…
YUCKIE!! You should have called me!! I didnt get to go to church either :( I pray that that dang infection is not back.
Hoping that knot goes away and FAST!!! No more infections!
Nancy said…
Praying that the not knot and sore throat is not from an infection. Also, I'll be looking forward to your move to the Dallas area next year. We are currently in the process of moving back to Dallas. We just need to sell this house in Austin first. Been on the market now for 4 months. Blah!
Wendy said…
So sorry you had to miss services yesterday, Melissa! Praying for that nasty know to NOT be the infection returning!!! Praying now!
Joy said…
No more infection!! Praying you get good news from the doctor and feel better soon!

Love Brian's hair - hook 'em Horns! LOL! That did wash out, right? : )
While I'm sorry that you are sick and in pain... I have to say this series of Brian made me snort coffee up my nose. I. LOVE. it. What a good sport Brian is!!!
Krista said…
(I'm glad I read ahead and know that knot is just scar tissue! - how scary!)
And way to go VBS and Brian is such a trooper!

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