Sunday Snuggles

Rory's been waking up at 6:00 each morning (whether she goes to bed at 7:30 or 9:30 the previous night) and generally we make her stay in her room until 7:00, but this morning I let her get up and we snuggled on the couch for an hour. It was delicious.



Melissa said…
What a beautiful picture! Snuggling is the best. :)
that makes me feel warm and fuzzy!
Anonymous said…
Such a nice pic of you two :)

KrisJ said…
Jealous! Malia isnt big on snuggling :( Love the pic!! Girl you look good!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Adorable! I LOVE seeing the two of you together, so happy, and enjoying some precious quiet time together.
And I love seeing Baby Latte NOT tousled and mussed. :)
Wendy said…
Nothing better than snuggles with your little one!!! LOVE it! :)
Krista said…
awww... enjoy those special moments.
My heart just melted... love this.

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