Round 4 Wrap-up

Typically on this Thursday, day 9 of my cycle, I would be back in the chemo room getting 4 liters of chemo and fluid pumped into my stomach. I would have spent the last 7 days miserable and would be looking forward to another 5-7 days of misery.

But with this new treatment schedule, I'm at home not looking at chemo again until August 11. And I cannot tell you how comforting that is. While Round 4 hasn't exactly been the piece of cake I was hoping for, the silver lining is that I have 14 days until I go back. I am really looking forward to this break. Honestly, I am not sure that I would have the mental fortitude to do anything but curl up in a ball on my bed if I were still on the old program. Round 3 was so difficult with the extra hospital stays, surgery, and infections. The only break I managed in that 4 weeks was cooking supper 2 nights in a row and a date day (which was fabulous).

But with this new program, I should have some good days. In fact, I was able to enjoy lunch with the Wrights, our Texas partners, on Tuesday and today we're taking the kids to see Cars 2. Granted, one activity a day is all I can manage and it means I spend the rest of the day sleeping, but I am grateful to be getting out of the house.

And these two? Are very happy that better days are coming. They have been incredibly sweet and kind to me; not to mention they have played for hours on end together which makes life easier for their mama who needs some quiet and their daddy who is working hard to keep it all together.


Stay tuned tomorrow for a Friday Photo Dump.


Anonymous said…
Yeah for 14 days of freedom!
Nastasja said…
smiling and crying with you!
I wish you much strength
I'm so glad that the new schedule is giving you a bit of respite. You deserve it!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Yay for some relief! You deserve some REALLY good days, mama!
This post makes my heart very, very happy you have a break!

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