Tuesday's Tidbits

I started this list several weeks ago so some of them are not quite "fresh news" but let's go with it anyway.

Rory's new phrase: "That was 'pletely my fault."

And another Rory quote, "I mean, my surgery was way badder than yours. I had to stay in the hospital for 60 days, and I did not love it. My scar went all the way up to my neck."

And one more from Rory last week: "I kind of slept difficult.

I've been watching Downton Abbey, which is a PBS MasterpieceTheater. PBS is not typically my preferred channel, but I'm just sayin' this thing is good. You should definitely watch! I'm ready for season 2. Good thing I've got lots of couch time so I can watch to my heart's content.

Brian accidentally poked a hole in the bathroom wall while Camden was in there. He immediately turned around, said, "I'm telling mommy" and headed out the door.

My eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out at an alarming rate so I'm saving make-up for special occasions. ER trip and hospital stays do not qualify.

Does anyone else like iced coffee as much as I do? Pioneer Woman posted a recipe for cold brewing your coffee a couple of weeks ago, and I honestly thought it just looked like too much work. I took advantage of having my mom around, and she made it for us, and it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously. If you try it, you may never drink another Starbucks frap again.

We haven't seen Dr. W yet, but I'm having this sinking feeling that we've got at least one more day and night here. There is talk of draining the big knot in my stomach. Anyone else terrified at the thought of a large needle being pushed into their stomach? Yeah, me too. If we do have to be in the hospital, this floor is a great place to me. They're as competent and friendly and thorough as we remember. The nurses seem to have an affinity for giving their patients nicknames such as doll and chick-a-dee. :)

I was tempted to be upset that cancer has not only taken away Memorial Day weekend, my 14th anniversary weekend, but now Independence Day celebration this summer. But honestly - if losing out on a few holidays this year is what it takes to gain a whole bunch of holidays in the years to come, then I'm all in.

No, I did not magically scrap these pages from the hospital yesterday, but I did scrap them last week and never shared.

Valorie Wibbons: Dear Mom



Rory's quotes are so hilarious, and yeah, I've got to make me some cold brewed coffee!!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hee hee... Rory. Love it.
And now I'm gonna have to check out Downton Abbey... I'm easily addicted to good shows. :)
I think Adam tried cold brewing coffee once. Might have to resurrect that one since it was when I was "off coffee." What was I thinking?!!!
Grace said…
i love rorytalk :)
i saw that PW iced coffee post and have been itching to make it...good to know it turned out well for you!
Brenda Lewis said…
Gotta try the coffee. Maybe we can have some together when you come home. Loved having your mom to share Mother's Day with. It was a special day!

You have been an inspiration to me and many others with your strenght and faith.
Can I borrow your mom?

This is a great set of tidbits... hysterical and amazingly positive all at once. And, for the record, Spencer's new phrase is "NOW you did it Mama!" Huh.
Joanna B said…
I LOVE the Rory quotes! Hilarious! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and praying for you!

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