And He's 8

Saturday we celebrated Camden's 8th birthday. He looks huge, right? Not sure how it happened, but he's certainly grown into a big boy, and I can't seem to stop time. (Oh, and Brian is totally responsible for this slicked back hairstyle.)


This totally cracked me up. He was SO excited about his birthday, and went and made this little sign to hang in the living room. He said his birthday wish was to have me home, but I am fairly certain it was only because he was worried there would be no cake, presents, and party if I were still in the hospital.

Excited about his first gift card.

My parents took Rory shopping to let her pick out some things for Camden, and he immediately came over and hugged her. Wish I had the camera settings right, but it's still sweet, right?

Aunt Liz kept teasing Camden that this party was for her also since we missed her birthday last month. Rory played along and took Liz one of his presents.

And still teasing - Aunt Liz wrapped up The Help for Camden so he wouldn't be able to guess by the package size that he got a Wii game from her and Uncle Michael.

Now he's got the real present!

What is this Twister thing my parents gave me?

Ooooh, look - the real present! A trampoline!

And because we can never have enough celebration shots. (this was a combo birthday gift for Rory too)


Camden and the ugliest cake ever. He didn't fail to remind me that he doesn't like store cakes because he hates the icing. I actually knew that, but in the midst of two hospital visits and just trying to actually have a cake forgot that little detail and we bought one instead of making one. It didn't stop him from having a big piece with ice cream.

The first casualty from the trampoline - she immediately face planted when she got on.

Caught ya, buddy!

Who knew falling down could be this much fun?

Brian unsuccessfully trying to demonstrate a seat bounce. To his credit, he got it right the next time.

One of many, many unsuccessful trampoline shots. :)

So much easier when they're still.

And now Rory's turn to jump.

It was a lovely day, and I'm pretty sure the birthday boy had a good time!


Amy said…
I cannot believe Camden is 8! He is such a handsome young man and just seems to be growing up so fast! Glad you were home to help him celebrate...definitely an answer to many prayers!
Looks like a happy birthday indeed. I'm sure his best present was having you home....and not just so you would make sure there was cake!
Anonymous said…
I love the hugging pic- Camden and Rory are beautiful!

:) Renee
Becky said…
he looks so grown up! can't believe he is 8 either.
Louise Lewis said…
One happy young man. That grin worth a million. Caution, be sure to tie down the birthday present. With our storms lately it could fly away. Ours did years ago.
So proud of God's hand in your day to day, you are blessed in so many ways,
Mandy said…
Love the pictures - Happy 8th Birthday Camden, he does look so grown-up!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh my goodness, the wedgie shot is AWESOME!!! I can't believe I'm the first person to comment on it. Guess I'm the only one with the sense of humor equivalent to a... well... an eight-year-old boy :)
That last photo of him sitting on the trampoline makes him seem SO old! I can almost see him as like an 18-year-old. Handsome, sweet boy :)
Unknown said…
I like how your trampoline has a target in the middle :)
Joy said…
Maybe Rory should get the trampoline "cage" for her birthday! LOL! And that shot of Brian is priceless. I'm sure he stuck the landing the next try. ; )

Happy birthday to a wonderful, thoughtful, handsome eight year old boy! Looks like an awesome celebration (and I love how Aunt Liz thinks - I will be stealing that idea).

I'm with Elizabeth - the wedgie shot cracked me up! Maybe 'cause I have a six year boy who does it too?!?
Janet said…
What a great birthday for your boy. He looks so happy in lots of those shots...even with the "ugly" cake as you described it (which cracked me up). I love the trampoline shots...R's hair looks GREAT all up-in-the-air like much body!
Grace said…
happy birthday, sweet camden!!! i love the trick aunt liz played on camden! ;)
and i cannot get enough of rory's sweet little bathing suit!
Happy 8th Birthday to Camden!!!!

And just when i think i can adore him no more... You post this and I remember just how sweet and fun he is!

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