Playing Catch-Up

Does it feel as if I've abandoned you? :)

I was able to come home from the hospital Tuesday night. Almost immediately I started having severe stomach issues again, and I cannot even tell you how discouraging that was. We were fairly certain I was going to end up back in the hospital Wednesday, but I think we've finally figured out the balance between food, an empty stomach, and how I should never, ever, ever, ever take the antibiotic they've given me without anti-nausea medicine as well as the appropriate amount of food in my stomach. I've been going to the chemo room to get IV potassium, but other than that I've been feeling better and better the last few days. My friend Mayme, who also happens to be an ER nurse, has been coming over to help Brian with the packing/unpacking of my two stomach wounds, and I have to say that she is quite a bit better at it than Brian. (Sorry, Brian)

My mom and dad have been here the last few days, and combined with Brian, they're pretty good at making me rest and not over-do it. I did get to do a little shopping yesterday morning and was able to attend the last night of VBS with the kids.

They're not exactly inspired, but here are my Project 365 pictures from the last two weeks. I've been feeling bad about posting so often without pictures, so here are enough to last you a while!

July 3 - Mom, Brian, and the kids went to the annual July 4th church picnic. I stayed at home on the couch.


July 4 - in the hospital (we loved having Michelle as our nurse; we had her 3 days during this stay)

July 5 - my morphine pump

July 6 - debated about posting this one, but here I am in all my sick glory

July 7 - little Miss Emmalynn came and spent some time with us and brightened our day; plus, her mama brought chocolate chip cookies!

And I couldn't choose just one, plus we all needed to see Becky's expression in this one

July 8 - back home; Aunt Becky is painting Rory's nails green.

July 9 - back in the hospital with orders for no food or drink so I'm back to using the sponge to wet my mouth

July 10 - Brian's stack of hospital candy

July 11 - okay, so visitors didn't have to wear masks, but they did have to wear the gowns and gloves (I made mom and Liz put the masks on purely for the picture)

July 12 - almost home

July 13 - mom taking care of Rory's nails (and I was sick again so this is the best picture I took all day)

July 14 - Rory's new Fancy Nancy shoes, courtesy of Miss Mayme

And a new Olivia shirt, also courtesy of Miss Mayme

July 15 - Guess who turned 8! We're celebrating today with family, cake, and fried chicken.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


Cindy said…
Beautiful! Keep hanging in there. Thank you for the update.
-from Holt BB
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hey mama! I absolutely loved the photo of you and Brian... so much is said in that one photo. I just hate that you're having such a rough patch, but I know you're coming out of the valley. Much, much love to you.
Happy birthday, Camden!
And lovely nails, Rory. Glad that her manis and pedis are being so well kept up :)
Crains2Korea said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Love that picture of Rory in the Olivia shirt--and I think she snuck some lipstick!!!! :)
KrisJ said…
You are a rock star even when you dont feel like one. Just know you are! Good job on the pics, I havent picked up my camera in over a week until today so seriously like above you are a rock star!
So glad you are home!
Joy said…
I'm with Elizabeth...the photo of you and Brian is powerful. You guys are an amazing couple. Loved seeing your pictures back on the blog and so happy you are feeling well enough to starting shooting again! Sorry you have been through so much the past few weeks. Praying things go much easier for you!
Laura said…
So glad you are back home!!!! You have been on my mind daily. Glad you were feeling some better to celebrate Camden's birthday. Hope you keep feeling better.
Leah said…
Glad to see the update. Prayer for you and your family Melissa! Especially love the back home picture! Love those Tn back roads! A special picture to have! Hugs to you! :)
Sara said…
Oh I love your photography. ♥ And goodness Melissa...even when you're not feeling well at all you just radiate beauty. I especially love the photo of you with Brian! Holding you in prayers as ever!
Janet said…
The ups, the downs. I'm sorry it has been so rough. I'm glad you were able to come home. I love how much family support you have...R must have the best looking nails in town.

I remember having to find the tricky balance of the all the meds to avoid all the other problems. For about a month I was vomiting several times per day...even when I didn't have chemo...turns out I needed to be on a reflux type medication -- to combat all the other meds and my stomach's reaction to them. Sheesh...trial and error, for sure.

I love the photo of you and your husband. I can feel the love in that shot. I also love that you shared a photo of your pump and you "in all your glory." I could show you some doozies of me...oh my! Hugs to you!
Grace said…
you are so beautiful! i love that you are continuing to document all of this -- ups, downs, and all. thank you for allowing us to follow along. i hope i can give you a big fat hug in person one day...judging by your amazing family and how they're loving on you, you must be a total rock star. rock on, sister. :)
Am I seriously this behind?!? Whoa.

Since I'm so late... I'll leave just one simple comment...

I ADORE that photo of you and Brian. It's AMAZING.

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