Thousand Gifts 392-416

I am quite excited about today. Brian and I are having a kid-free day and going to lunch at P.F. Chang's and then seeing the final Harry Potter movie. I'm so sad to see it end, although not as sad as I was when I read the final book (twice). Before the fun stuff, I've got to see Dr. H who is looking at my stomach holes and checking them out. It will not be fun. Thank goodness I've got some drugs to help get me through. Next up is Dr. W's office to get 4 more bags of potassium. Last week I had 20 bags of potassium. This week we've only got 4 on the agenda, and I'm hopeful to be able to start taking potassium pills again instead of going to the office for IV meds.

Rory really wanted me to take a picture of her new twirly dress, and I was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, it was so humid outside that my camera immediately fogged up and I had to do some heavy editing to recover this picture, but I think it turned out kind of sweet.


I have to admit that when I went to pull up my Thousand Gifts post, I realized that I had not written one single thing down since the last time. Granted, I've spent most of that time in the hospital and not feeling my best, but there were things to be thankful for. I'm winging it here and hoping to do better in the next several weeks.

392. getting to see Becky again
393. fresh flowers in the hospital room (thank you Kari, Drew, and Emmalyn)
394. visit from a smooshy, sweet baby (and her mama)
395. the blue sky on the way home from the hospital
396. a safe and successful surgery
397. good doctors
398. friends who show up at your door with cupcakes
399. friends who show up at your door willing to offer their nursing skills
400. friends who show up at your door with chicken salad
401. nurses who aren't willing to give up
402. nurses who find new, less painful ways to pack the holes in my stomach
403. a husband who is unfailingly patient
404. a mom and dad who drop everything to come be with me
405. unexpected visit from my grandparents
406. my grandpa's prayer
406. a Whitey's ice cream delivery from my dad
407. finally, finally, finally feeling better
408. being able to hug my babies again
409. watching Rory and Emma and Camden play
410. being able to attend VBS at least one night
411. fulfilling Camden's wish of having his mama home for his birthday
412. shopping with my mom (oh, yes, I did this the first day I felt like I had any strength at all)
413. for the unending prayers and messages from my friends
414. watching William and Xavier sing
415. celebrating Camden's 8th birthday
416. an ever-patient Aunt Liz and Uncle Michael


Mayme said…
I hope you guys have a great day away! P.F.Changs...yummy!
Jenn T. said…
I think the photo turned out fabulous! It has that surreal look to it! Love it!
Joy said…
What a sweet twirly picture! Very "fairy-like"!

Enjoy Harry Potter! We plan to see it next week and I know I will cry when it's over (then read the book again). LOL

So glad you are still feeling better!
Enjoy your day--you deserve a fun one! And I love the picture of Rory's dress. LOVE IT!
Wendy said…
ENJOY your day, Melissa!!! Love the twirly photo. :) Always praying for you!
Anonymous said…
So glad to see you are home! Hope you guys have a great day together...Harry Potter was GREAT!!
I'm sure you will like it/Peyton is reading one of the books right now.Love the twirly pic.....girl power:)Angel
Anonymous said…
Congrats on being home! Yum - PF Changs!

Elizabeth Frick said…
So much more to comment on this post (including the incredible twirly dress photo!!!), but did you LOVE Harry Potter or what?!!!
Anonymous said…
Love the picture of the twirly is just magical and I can remember twirling in dresses my momma made as a girl! Ah the memories. So glad you are home and gaining strength you are in our thoughts and prayers...may God bless you daily!
Amy said…
I hope you enjoyed your day! You more than deserve a fun day with Brian! I absolutely love that looks so magical!
Grace said…
i LOVE that photo. beautiful! and i always love your lists...thanks for all the reminders.

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