Thousand Gifts 320-390

I'm blogging today from the hospital, not exactly how I'd hoped to spend Independence Day 2011. After almost 2 weeks of unexplained pain and swelling, I finally started running a fever last night which was enough to get me admitted to the hospital. Between you and me, I'm pretty sure the doctor or nurse dropped the ball last week, but I'm grateful to be receiving treatment now. I have an abdominal infection so I'm hooked up to 3 different kinds of antibiotics as well as lots of other good things. Here's hoping the medicine will do it's job!

320. a good night's sleep
321. fun VBS for the kids to attend
322. the excitement they have every night when they get home from VBS
323. cooler weather
324. meeting up with friends at the park
325. family outing to library, Pei Wei, and seeing Kung Fu Panda
326. watching Camden and Rory as they play together
327. giggles coming from Camden's room as they cram into the closet with flashlights
328. Bible study on heaven
329. lunch bunch
330. beautiful weather to enjoy that lunch outside
331. a clean house
332. leftovers
333. a slow, rainy Saturday afternoon
334. visit from my brother
335. Rory's prayers which copy every adult prayer she's ever heard
336. Father's day supper
337. for the best dad ever
338. for the best dad my kid's could have
339. a quick family get-away
340. hearing Camden say, "this is the best day ever"
341. getting "Kill Cancer Days" 7 and 8 over with
342. encouraging cards from old friends
343. When the world whispers "give up" hope whispers "try it one more time.
344. a new blanket in my favorite color
345. The sound of my family praying for me in the other room
346. Starbucks gift card - I do love me some frappucinos
347. fun podcasts to pass the time
348. Sobe Pure Water (particularly the apple macintosh cherry flavor)
349. late night phone calls with Becky
350. free hugs from Camden
351. texting
353. Liz's quick recovery from her surgery
354. coming home to a houseful of folded laundry (thanks to Liz)
355. for the break Micah has from school and the good family time they're enjoying (I know this isn't my personal experience, but it still makes me happy and I'm grateful)
356. the way Rory says Fancy Nancy
357. my beautiful piano
358. for the good things happening with Clearview Church
359. for the ability to still be involved with Clearview even though we're not there yet
360. for family and friends who can help with the kids at literally a moment's notice
361. safe resolution to an ER trip
362. opportunity to spend an extra hour or two with my sister
363. for the knowledge that God is in control even though we can't see the big picture
364. for precious peace
365. unexpected (and very welcome) visit from mom and dad
366. for brief bursts of energy
367. the smiles on Camden and Rory's face as they spend time with my dad
368. seeing my brother two weeks in a row
369. Proverbs 1:33, "But whoever listens to me will live securely and be free from the fear of danger."
370. having my mom here during this hard week
371. no new surgery
372. kind nurse who took time to tell me my make up was pretty (when it was clearly not my best effort)
373. an extraordinarily kind doctor
374. high-tech equipment
375. getting to continue chemo
376. Korean camp for the kiddos
377. tan lines across Camden and Rory's backs
378. avocados
379. Smoothy King protein shakes
380. fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmer's market
381. watching Food Network
382. Isaiah 49:10 just when I need it, "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am
your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand."
383. Phone calls from friends checking in.
384. Lots of steroids which make me feel more like myself
385. extra time between chemo treatments
386. Chris Tomlin's song, "if our God is for us, who could stand against us"
387. quick check-in at the hospital
388. great nurses
389. lots of support from family and friends
390. morphine


Elizabeth Frick said…
I love ALL of these, but a few really jumped out and made me smile: 327, 337, 338, 343 (what a beautiful quote! it's yours, yes?), 345, and I just HAVE to know how Rory says "fancy Nancy" :)
Sending you love and positive energy!
Becky said…
I love you. You inspire me. and I needed these today!
I'm so sorry you're in the hospital! But I do love all of these. There is something quite beautiful about the tan lines on the kids' backs, isn't there?
Grace said…
i always love your lists...i think my favorite this week is avocados :) me, too, sister, me too.
prayers that your doctors quickly take care of whatever this is!

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