When we caved to two years of pressure from the kids to buy a trampoline (it was a combo birthday gift for both of them), I knew I wanted to buy a small gift for each kid so they'd have something to open from us on their birthday. We decided that Star Wars, toys, etc. were being covered by the rest of the family and I thought that an age-appropriate game would be a good choice. Prior to cancer, Thursdays were game night and it's something we can all do together and enjoy. Fast forward to our Target shopping trip and the two parental units in the family were not quite agreeing on what was an appropriate game for Camden's birthday gift. Brian wanted some crazy war strategy game, and I wanted something fun but with an academic benefit. In the interest of keeping the peace, I finally suggested Twister. Brian wasn't quite on board but in the interest of keeping his own peace (and ending the shopping trip sooner rather than later), he gave in.

Saturday night we pulled it out for the first time, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. We haven't giggled this much in months, and it was a blast. If I were a lesser woman, I just might be saying, "I told you so."





Yes, I realize this is probably the least flattering picture ever posted of me, but look at Camden's face.


Melissa said…
These pictures make me smile. I love the expression on Camden's face in the last picture. What fun family memories. :)
That looks like so much fun! Camden is LOVING it!
Kelly said…
This post just makes me so HAPPY! Love seeing you all having such a great time together and with laughter in abundance!!!
-Stacy and Ted said…
oh my gosh we LOVE Twister at our house, too!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!
I think it is a MOST flattering picture of you....laughing, joyful, playing.
Leah said…
Love your pictures of those adorable kids' faces! Love to see the fun too! :)
Nastasja said…
lots of smiles and positive! Thank you!
Laura said…
LOVE the pics. I am so happy you felt like being up and playing! The kids faces are lit up with delight! So glad you can enjoy the next few weeks of feeling good! And, yes, I want to get the kiddos together. You tell me and I am in! :)
LOVE. Twister was one of my favorite games ever... this brings back fond memories! And funny, my husband often agrees in order to stop the debate too... hmmm...

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