Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Not sure what I was smoking to think that yesterday would be a quiet day! I have 2 kids at home, company coming into town today and it was a typical Monday (which means the house was trashed from the weekend), not to mention the 5 loads of laundry waiting. I also decided to tackle organizing Camden's room, which is never an easy task. I'm beginning to think the kids might be grown before I get a chance to check out my camera.

The kids were actually very good yesterday. They really played and laughed and giggled together so well. Brian brought home some 1st grade books for Camden to look at and teacher-Brian was amazed at how Camden whizzed right through them; parent-Brian was pretty darn proud.

My parents are coming into town today so I'll be doing lots of last-minute cleaning (I'm sure the rest of you know this, but it's impossible to keep your house clean with 2 kids running around) and making one last trip to Wal-mart. As you can imagine, Camden and Rory are beyond excited to have grandma and grandpa here. They've been counting down the days for weeks. Tonight we're going to my sister Elizabeth's basketball game (this is her first year coaching).

One little cute Rory story. Brian's grandparents are here and Rory can't quite get their titles straight. She calls them Granny June (which is correct) and Papa June (which should be Papa Bob).


Vonda and John said...

Melissa - that is funny. Lacie used to call John's parents Grandma Char and Papa Char. But now she calls him papa John.

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