Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm not a big name brand junkie, although with all the coupons and stacking available these days, you can buy name brand cheaper than generic and I definitely do when I've got the coupons. I used Cascade for a long time, ran out of coupons and bought some cheap Dollar General soap. We used it for a couple of weeks, and I noticed that our dishes were not getting clean. The pans were not shiny and the silverware no longer sparkled. When we ran out of that soap, I bought some Method brand from Target. Same thing - dirty dishes. We finally decided that our dishwasher was having issues. However, on a whim, I purchased Cascade last week (at full price even), and suddenly everything is clean, sparkly, and shiny. I'm now a Cascade fan for life.

My work day ended very early yesterday so I took advantage of having a babysitter and ran a few errands alone. I dropped Rory off first, then Camden at school, grabbed a coffee and let out an audible sigh of relief as I sat in the car alone. It's been a while! I took advantage of being kid-free and did a little Christmas shopping for Rory: a Leap Pad Tag Reader. It's on sale this week at Target for $39. I had a $10 Target coupon and a $10 Leap Pad coupon so I got it for $19! I'm holding out for Black Friday to buy some books to go with it.

On today's agenda is a walk with Andrea, looking at a church project, baking for MOPS, attending MOPS, and shuttling Camden back and forth to school.

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Amy said...

I am right there with you on the Cascade. We've tried other stuff when I had coupons and had the same problem. It's worth paying more for--coupons or not!