Friday, November 13, 2009

A New Toy

I am officially old. Well, I've been old for a while, but as of yesterday, I am 34 years old. My day was pretty boring since it was full of normal mom/wife stuff as well as a trip to Nashville for Mops, but I did receive lots of sweet birthday wishes on Facebook. My 34th year began with a bang this morning, however. My finger has been hovering over the "buy" button of a Nikon D90 for weeks now. Brian gave me the go-ahead to upgrade several months ago and my frugal side resisted (and I am seriously not the frugal one in this relationship). When he gave approval again several weeks ago, the voice of reason tried to hold out, but this morning, I pushed "BUY." I will now spend the next several days refreshing the UPS tracking page as I watch it travel to my front door.

On today's agenda is a walk and since Fridays are my house cleaning days and I haven't spent a day at home in almost 2 weeks, I've got alot to do! My only birthday request was a trip to Coldstone Creamery so we're headed after supper tonight, and I can't wait!

One thing from each of us this week:
  • Because Veteran's Day was this week, Camden has been learning all about the different branches of the armed forces at school. He comes home full of energy and wants to be a soldier. He draws wars/soldiers; he plays war; he talks war. After he started talking to me yesterday about how he couldn't wait for World War 100, I told him to enjoy this week because as of Saturday, we're officially off the war path for a while.
  • When I tell Rory to stop doing something (such as licking the receipt at the Social Security Office), she replies with, "BUT. I was doing it carefree (carefully)."
  • Brian informed me last night that if we ever have another daughter, he wants to name her Hildy. And he was dead serious. Not gonna happen.
  • One day this week I dumped TWO full glasses of ice water in my lap.


Christine said...

OK - Are you telling me I'm old too then?! A new camera and a trip to Coldstone sounds like my perfect birthday as well... in fact I'm a WEE bit jealous. As in, I'm green with envy!

Amanda said...

Happy late Birthday!!! I am so excited for you about the camera. I have my stuff all loaded up in my cart yesterday and I wanted to hit "buy" so bad but I kept thinking about how you were waiting until Black Friday and so I felt I could wait with you. Now what am I supposed to do LOL!!!! We will have to get together soon.

KrisJ said...

Hildy LOL!! Where did you order your camera from?? Ive been looking a couple places with different packages. I hope you have the best ice cream ever tonight!! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

hope you had a wonderful birthday and cold stone IS the perfect way to celebrate!! yum!!!! where did you end up buyin your d90 at? did you get a good buY ? :)
have a super weekend !