Friday, November 06, 2009


I'm typically a big fan of Fridays and today is no exception. I'm meeting Amanda for coffee this morning; I live for Saturday mornings when I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn, and tomorrow is International DigiScrapping Day, which means I'm hoping to lock myself in the computer room and leave Brian to entertain the kids while I scrap and shop.

A few happenings from our week:
  • All in one evening I witnessed Camden drop his toothbrush on the toilet, pick it up, and get ready to use it. My shrieking stopped him just in time. Later I caught him scrubbing the sink with his new, clean toothbrush. The shrieking stopped him again. He then proceeded to dry his hands, drag the hand towel through the toilet and hang it up for further use.
  • Ever since Rory went with me to my hair appointment, we've spent alot of time with the hairclips and combs. esterday, we spent over an hour on the couch and she was Miss Alicia and I got my hair done. Over and over.
  • Rory has added the term "Right. Now." to her vocabulary. Not my favorite thing to hear from a 3 year old.
  • After spending a couple of weeks teetering towards being a daddy's girl, Rory is firmly entrenched back as a mama's girl. She's also decided it's really fun to be held like a baby and to snuggle up on my shoulder. No complaints here.
  • Camden is always coming home with new little learning songs from kindergarten. One day this week I asked him to teach Rory so she could sing along too. He started to sing, then said, "wait, wait, my voice isn't ready." He then proceeded to noisily clear his throat and then started over in a soft (kinda high) voice.
  • Brian finished reading The Magician's Nephew to Camden this week, and he loved it. We were impressed at how he connected the different parts of the book with the Chronicles of Narnia movie (which he's only seen once about a year ago).
  • Rory's new bathtime routine includes singing/screaming at the top of her lungs with a few "sing with me, class" thrown in.
  • Rory informed me yesterday that when she's 6, her teacher's name is going to be Miss Punkin. I have a feeling she means Mrs. Simpkins, who is a teacher at Camden's school.
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