Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buy a Gun

Well, Rory's name is officially Rory! Our trip to the Social Security Office was quick and easy (in and out in 10 minutes if you can believe it). The security guard at the front asked why we were there, then leaned in and said "you'd better buy a gun." My mind raced as I tried to figure out if he were serious; if the neighborhood was bad; if the people around us were scary, etc. He must have figured out I didn't have a clue because he leaned in again and whispered, "you know, to keep the boys away from your daughter."

I decided to go ahead and shop Kroger yesterday since we were there. I came armed with as many .50 coupons as I had. When I arrived, the sign on the door said they were accepting triple coupons up to .99. I was so irritated that I somehow missed that bit of information and had not brought the "big" coupons with me. Oh, well. I still saved about 55% off my bill.

On today's agenda is laundry, a walk with Andrea, laundry, lunch with Brian's mom and grandma, laundry, and more laundry.

My computer is being incredibly slow so no pictures or layouts today. Stay tuned for tomorrow.


Amanda said...

I have got to remember to do coupons. You need to teach me. Lets get together soon and maybe you can help me figure it all out.

Christine said...

Now THAT is funny about the gun...

KrisJ said...

MAN so jealous our trip to the SS office was an hour long! And that was over a month ago and we still dont have a # or card!!

Kelly said...

Totally jealous, we sat at the SS office for an hour and they told us we didn't have the right documents...I went back without Briar the next day and was there another hour!!

TOO funny about the gun!!!! She is a beautiful girl, that's for sure!!