Monday, November 23, 2009

Sibling Love

I'm always a bit envious when I hear other mothers gush about the sweet moments between their children because they're few and far between in this household. However, twice this weekend, I had to blink back a few tears as Camden and Rory shared some sibling love. The first happened during my cousin's wedding when Rory, who was sitting on my lap, reached over and held Camden's hand (in all honesty, it was right after she'd grabbed my arm away from him because she wanted me all to herself). The second happened last night. As Rory sat on my lap, Camden came up from behind and hugged both of us. Rory leaned her cheek on Camden's and said, "I love you, Canna." That doesn't happen often (okay, actually it's the first time I've heard her say it to him) so I cherish those moments even more.

Our weekend was good, but busy. Friday ended up being a little crazier than I expected, but everything got done and we had a nice time with Brian's parents and grandparents. Saturday we attended my cousin's wedding and it was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Sunday was church and our annual Thanksgiving potluck. We were blessed to see some dear friends and were able to visit with them for a while. The kids did not take naps, but surprisingly enough, they spent hours yesterday afternoon just playing together.

Rory has decided that 4ish in the morning is a great time to be wide awake. She's spent the last 3 early morning hours playing and waking up. I think we're averaging about 3-4 times a night this week, which isn't really fun for anyone.

Because of the wedding, we had lots of explaining to do to the kids. Rory has never been to a wedding and Camden has only been to one (when he was very young). At supper Saturday night, Camden informed us he was planning to marry me. Isn't that sweet?

Camden is off school this week and we have no plans for today other than gymnastics tonight so I plan to take it easy and maybe even get in some scrapping and camera time.

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Elizabeth Frick said...

What sweet little moments!

Christine said...

OK - that's just too sweet... love stories of sibling love!