Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy, busy

Yesterday was one of those days that I was not feeling happy to be a stay at home mom. Most of the time I really enjoy it, but sometimes the drudgery of the never-ending housework, picking up toys (and even, at times, the endless books, puzzles, songs, etc.) catches up with me. I just wanted to play with my new camera, but instead spent right up until 8:00 p.m. last night working on the house.

Because I worked hard this week, today will be a bit easier in the cleaning/laundry department, but still a busy day. I have a friend coming over this morning to chat, then I need to make a quick trip to town (because the grocery shopping never ends), hit the post office, and then Brian's parents and grandparents are coming over for dinner tonight.

One little kid note. Last week I mentioned that all Camden wanted to play was war because they'd been learning about the armed forces all week. This week they've been learning about the pilgrims and Indians at school so he's all about fighting Indians. Apparently, they haven't gotten to the Thanksgiving meal part of the story.

Dani Mogstad: Checkin' it Twice (available tomorrow at SSD)


Christine said...

I'm dying to see what you do with that new camera!!!

Re: Camden - HA!

Anonymous said...

Sooo good to see you all at the wedding!!! Sweet comments from the kiddos.
Melissa, do you have a picture of you when you wore sleepers kinda like the red and white ones in the picture? Love you, grandma