Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

For a variety of reasons (most of them logistical: we live in the country, Camden's school doesn't celebrate, etc.) we don't really do Halloween. However, we did carve some pumpkins yesterday as well as make a trip to Gram and Gramp's house for a treat bag. Heaven help us all if we ever do the whole trick-or-treating experience because the kids were so wound up, it was unbelievable. I'm pretty sure they didn't stop moving (or talking) all day long.

Rory was pretty disgusted by the pumpkin guts

Camden, however, thought it was cool

In fact, he spent lots of time talking and making faces at his pumpkin

Oh, yes, he did

Rory had a bit of trouble holding on to hers. Does anyone see where this is headed?

Oh, the tears when it fell off her lap.

Drama queen

We finally got everyone situated.

The kids dressed themselves for Halloween.
Rory chose Camden's batman mask and her own tutu.

Camden chose soccer shin guards for his arms, plastic fireman hat and a scuba mask. We laughed and laughed.
Unfortunately, he wanted to be scary and we hurt his feelings by laughing.

(we've had even more laughs at these pictures today when he wasn't around)

Still not happy

Faking a grin for us

And then came the tears

Happy again
And because I'm so on the ball (eye roll), I already scrapped a pumpkin page.

Dani Mogstad: Monstrosity


KrisJ said...

SOOO CUTE!!! Awesome page I need that page!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

yes eye roll inserted....
Heck I can't even keep my blog updated! LOL
Love their costumes and love all the pictures...
Surprisingly the kids school (private Catholic) do Halloween parties and even allow regular costumes too! =)
P.S... We do the real trick-or-treating, but only hit a few houses.

Christine said...

Great series here! They always make me laugh!

Krista said...

Those are awesome pumpkins! I love rory's costume too... the batman ballerina...