Monday, November 09, 2009

A New Week

Well, my International DigiScrapping Day wasn't quite as peaceful as I'd hoped for, but I still had some time to scrap and shop. We took the kids for a quick picnic and park trip Saturday afternoon, and they had so much fun. We're having unseasonably warm (think 80) weather so it was perfect for some running, jumping, climbing and burning off some energy. I was also able to (finally) get my 2009 pictures backed up on DVD - something I've needed to do pretty much since 2009 began.

The weekend ended with some deep frustration, but I'm trying to shake it off and start off the new week with a positive attitude. Rory and I are headed into Nashville to try to get her social security card changed from her Korean name to her American name. I haven't found a section on the website that deals with that specifically so I'm taking all the paperwork I can find and hopefully it will be enough. I'm trying to decide if I have energy (and money) for a Kroger trip - they're offering triple coupons through tomorrow. I think I'll just wait and see how long we have to wait at the SS office.

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple of cute pictures of the kids. My sister-in-law informed me there have not been enough new pics lately. :)

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Anonymous said...

Today's favorite is the "Squeeze" page! Love and prayers, Mom