Tuesday Tidbits

I'm just going to put this out there - having Martin Luther King Day off from school might have come a little too soon after a 20-day Christmas break.

I had some women from church over for coffee and coffeecake this morning. Please tell me I am not the only one who gets way too nervous when people visit. And I had no reason to worry because it was a lovely time.

Kids attended a super hero birthday party this weekend. Super cute!


Friday night Camden escorted Kinsley (our friend and pastor's daughter) for Homecoming. Do they look sweet or what. Kinsley looked beautiful!

Mr. Chad was in charge of the boutonniere

Thanks again, MaryLeigh, for letting us borrow the bowtie!

This one cracks me up with Rory peeking in there (I had no room to back up!)


Kinsley was very worried Camden would forget to hug her and leave her hanging, but he remembered.

I snapped this picture in the bathroom at Vanderbilt last Tuesday before I saw the doctor and then was playing around with the Rhonna Farrer app and added this word art. I started to post it, then hesitated because I was too nervous about the wording. I promptly forgot about it until I uploaded pics this morning. Cue the ugly cry.


Vicky said…
The glow in your skin and the pretty hair- and the overall health and cuteness oozing out everywhere- yep- totally made me cry too. I think Camden agreeing to be her "escort" was so brave of him- I can't imagine one of my own doing that- way to go Camden!
Love the whole post! Now where do I get that app? For android or iPhone only?
Love the whole post! Now where do I get that app? For android or iPhone only?

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