Day 20

Today is Day 20 of Christmas Break. 

Twenty. Days. 

I have several thoughts about this.

1. I sure wish I were one of those mothers who could embrace all the extra days, make crafts, bake cookies together, cuddle up on the couch to watch movies, etc. Oh, wait. I've already done all those things . . . prior to day 20.

2. I am determined to do better at embracing the moment, going with the flow, etc. This is clearly God's way of helping me get a crash course on living in the moment.

The snow apocalypse of 2014 didn't really turn out to be so apocalyptic (although clearly there is some small tiny patch of road in Cheatham County that still has ice on it because Brian just got the call that he has yet another snow day tomorrow). Sunday morning started off at a balmy 54 degrees. By afternoon, the wind was howling through our house. Rain started about 3:00; freezing rain followed. The wind continued to howl, the temperature dropped to single digits. But no snow.

By 9:00 Monday morning it was clear that even though it was freezing outside (literally the coldest weather in TN in many years), there was no snow; not even any icy roads. I decided to embrace the fact that Christmas break was going to be a little longer than anticipated. I stayed up until 2:30 scrapping; I let the kids have extra media time. I finished my book (The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen) and then started a new one (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand). We watched some Korean TV as a family.

Today is a different story. I just can't put off cleaning and doing laundry any longer, so we all pitched in and by lunchtime, the house is back into shape. The clothes are all clean and back in their drawers. We made a quick trip to the library to stock up on books, and now we're back home all separated into our own corners doing our own thing.

And what's keeping me going?



And texts back and forth with my family and friends commiserating the never-ending Christmas break while I pretend to be thrilled to play yet another game of Dominoes with the kids.

And lest I sound completely deranged, I am happy for Brian who has been able to take advantage of these extra days off to do lots of planning and church work that is usually left for the weekends and wee hours of the morning.


20 Days is a long time! We have only been off 12 school days. Of course, we had four days off a week before Christmas break started so who knows when school will end this year! Loved Unbroken...very good book!
OK. There's a ton I could comment on here… but honestly… I just cannot get over the beauty of those coffee photos! Of course, now I really, really need some more coffee. :)

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