Snow Day Pics

Last night just as Brian was laying down in bed, he got a phone call from the director of schools notifying him of a very welcome, but completely unwarranted snow day. Not a bad gig - go back to school for one day after Christmas break, then have a 3-day weekend. I think the county threw these poor teachers a bone after only giving them a 1.5 week Christmas break.

(I happened to have my phone right next to me, and when I heard the phone ring, I grabbed it to snap a picture of him getting the news.)

So since he was off, we took a family trip to the ENT. Dr. H tells me, and I quote, "these are a gnarly set of tonsils." I got to have a fun scope down my nose to look into my throat (oh, good times). Rory thought it was disgusting while Brian found it kind of interesting (since he could see everything happening on the screen along with the doctor. Right now we're going to hope that the last 14-day stretch of the strongest dose of Augmenten you can take has killed off the virus completely. Otherwise, it's going to be tonsil surgery for me. From what I hear, that's not exactly a fun time.

Because we were all in Nashville together, the adults in the family planned a little surprise for the kiddos, but that story will have to wait for another day.

Kids had fun playing in the (very little) snow yesterday. It was a pretty frigid (for Tennessee anyway) 18 degrees so they didn't stay out much longer than 30 minutes, although they would have played alot longer if they didn't have an overprotective mom. Yesterday was one of those quintessential days you remember after you're grown . . . the surprise of waking up to big snowflakes, drinking hot chocolate and hot apple cider, soup for lunch, playing outside in the cold until your cheeks are red and your hair is sweaty underneath your hat, reading while all cuddled up under the blankets on the couch. Good memories.


Not sure there was really enough snow for angels, but they tried anyway.

Camden's turn, although he wasn't a big fan of laying down.

Rory threw a snowball at him while he was on the ground.


Then they decided to go sledding. Without a sled.

And this happened.

He face planted. It's out of focus, and I don't even care.




Looks like fun! We had about 8-10" on Friday … the perfect amount, but it was -11 here so no snow fun for us! :(
Anonymous said…
A great set of photos/memories, I just looked at your PL spreads for 2014 and I am really inspired by what you have posted so far, looking forward to following along with this project and seeing more great pages.
Amy said…
Love their smiles! :)

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