The January Slump

To clarify my Project Life because I've gotten a couple of questions.

Yes, I will do the majority of my weeks digitally. I bought the paper products (and split them with Becky) because it's fun to sometimes mix it up and just print pictures and then slide them into the protectors with cute journaling cards. As far as the binder, it is not available at Amazon for some reason, but if you google Sunshine Project Life Binder, there are several places to purchase it. I bought mine at Two Peas.

This has been a strange week. My sister reminded me earlier that January is always a tough month, so this is not unusual. After the busyness and excitement of December, the anticipation of a big family visit, etc., January is a big letdown. Life goes from moving 100 miles an hour to grinding to a screeching halt. It's gray outside. There's nothing especially exciting to look forward to. No spring break or summer plans have been made so the rest of the school year seems to stretch out endlessly ahead of me.

Add to the above paragraph an upcoming visit with my oncologist next week and the fact that several friends in my small cancer community have been rocked with bad news this week, and I find myself wanting to close myself off in my bedroom and stay there for the next couple of days. I know this sounds super depressing (and it kinda is), but it's also the way this introvert deals with hard days. I have been in this situation enough times over the last nearly 3 years that I know it's the typical way I deal with upcoming big appointments or while waiting for test results. It helps to know that this is how I deal and that when this time is over, I'll come out of it just fine.

I also fully realize that the way I've typically dealt with stress in the past is both retail therapy and emotional eating. Retail therapy is out of the question right now for financial reasons, and I'm trying very hard to stop the emotional eating cycle. Coffee has replaced both of those things for the moment. It's probably just as bad! ;)

I heard from the genetic counselor yesterday, and my test results were strange. They're now doing some further extensive testing, and our family history is officially crazy enough that the lab is offering free testing to select family members. In addition, the team at Vanderbilt wants to possibly use us as a case study. All you can do is either chuckle or cry, and laughing is definitely preferable of the two.

Because this feels like a big downer post, how about some enabling for those of you not on a spending freeze.

For some reason, these shoes have caught my eye and I cannot seem to stop checking them out. I cannot decide if these are casual and cool or just grandma-like. Images are linked in case you decide they're cool and need a pair.


And this owl scarf. Hello, cute!

And because I hate to post without a picture, here's a very belated picture of Brian and the kids the Sunday before Christmas. Notice that Rory was wearing a sleeveless dress . . . because it was totally warm enough to do so on December 22.

And while it may have been a tough sell, I did manage to convince both Brian and Camden that red pants were completely stylin' with that gray sweater.


Amy said…
Thanks for answering my questions! Now, I'm off to purchase my kit and get started. Totally understand your response to the upcoming appt/tests. Kind of wanting to deal with the news we've gotten this week the same way. Praying for you!
Monica said…
I totally understand about being an introvert and handling stress and depression by pulling inward. My heart goes out to you with all that you are dealing with. You're in my prayers so often! I do love reading about you and your children and your pictures and scrapbooking is completely inspiring. :)
Wow. You have a TON on your emotional plate. I don't blame you for turning inward…

I'm loving your links though. Keep sharing what you would buy if you could, ok?! :)
tinetinesmom said…
Thank you so much Melissa! I have purchased the binder and my core kit. You are always in my prayers & I'm prayng for great results for you on Tuesday!! Thanks again for sharing!!


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